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12 Holes In Planet Earth That Can Scare The Hell Out Of You

We tend to get so much caught up in our daily lives that our world ends in the limited knowledge that we have. But nature comes up with something new everytime to surprise and shock us.Since the abilities of nature know no limits, therefore, we are always offered with something crazy from the impressive architecture and diverse landscape in the world. Apart from these, nature also creates some impressive phenomena which we humans can never replicate.Adding to the gallery of amazing things you must have seen, we would like to introduce you to the 12 strange holes in our planet. Some had been built over thousands of years ago and some have been created just a few years back but one thing is common to all -- they will scare you and will surely urge you to visit those places. Hopefully, this collection will serve you as a reminder that there is always something new to discover.Come, let's see the power of nature. 

#1 The Hole of Glory

Located on the Monticello Dam, 'The Hole of Glory' appears to be a tunnel into the depths of Earth at first sight. But it actually drains out water. If you want to visit this place then it is recommended to take a look at it during rainy season, when the water flows very quickly.

#2 Sawmill Sink

It is a bright blue hole located in the Bahamas which was particularly a site for archaeological investigation. The Sawmill Sink has helped many scientists in understanding what and how the Earth was like a thousand years ago.

#3 The Deluxe 'Mystery' Hole.

The origin of this hole has remained unexplained and may be that is why it has been named as the 'mystery' hole. The modern methods have failed to accurately measure its depth. This place is currently a tourist attraction.

#4 The Great Blue Hole

Located in the Caribbean sea, this hole lies at the center of Lighthouse Reef. It was formed during the last ice age and is now considered as one of the best places in the world for diving.

#5 The Devil’s Sinkhole

The entry to this subterranean cave is strictly forbidden. But during summer, you might even find about 3 million bats flying out of it.

#6 Dean’s Blue Hole

It is the deepest blue hole in the world. Located in Bahamas, it is used as a training place for free divers.

#7 The Mir Mine

This mine is one of the largest sources of diamonds in Russia. Presently, the diamonds are extracted from deep within the ground.

#8 The Harwood Hole

It is actually a cave in New Zealand, which is the deepest cave on Earth.

#9 The Udachnaya Pipe

Located 20 km from the Arctic Circle in Yakutia, it is another source of diamonds in Russia.

#10 Bingham Canyon

It is an open pit copper mine located in the state of Utah, USA.

#11 The Heavenly Pit

The deepest sinkhole in the world was formed 128,000 years ago. It is a favourite location for people to carry out parachuting.

#12 2010 Guatemala City Sinkhole

Back in 2010, a 20-meter wide pit was formed in Guatemala City. It apparently swallowed a three-storey factory. It occurred for several reasons including the eruption of Pacaya Volcano, Tropical Storm Agatha, and leakage from sewer pipes.