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11 Women Who Conquered The World While Being Pregnant

Women all over the world are making a name for themselves for being so damn hardcore and taking charge when even the men can't seem to be doing so. Despite being called as the 'weaker sex', these people are equipped to handle so many things that men can't even dream of doing. We definitely salute these women. They could be athletes, actresses, models, corporates and women belonging to so many different fields. They defy odds each day with their conviction and hard work. Not just that, there are women who have managed to achieve the impossible even while being pregnant. They have won Olympic golds, managed to finish shooting movies, walked the ramp and so much more. Women are the true heroes in today's world and these women surely make us want to be like them every single day. They strive to success and don't stop at anything. Let's find out some more superwomen who have rocked our world despite being pregnant. 

1. Serena Williams 

The Goddess of tennis has proved to one and all that she's the undefeated champion in the game. But did you know she was pregnant while playing the Australian Open this year? Also, she managed to score a big win despite her pregnancy. She's truly a super star! Don't you think so? 

2. Kristie Moore

In 2010, during the Winter Olympics, Kristie Moore won the silver medal while she was five months pregnant. 

3. Irina Shayk 

Super stunning Victoria's Secret model, Irina Shayk was also in her second trimester in 2016's VSFS. She managed to look beautiful as usual and carried her baby bump flawlessly. 

4. Kerri Walsh Jennings 

Another superstar won the gold at the London Olympics in 2012 for beach volleyball while she was one month pregnant. 

5. Nur Suryani Mohamed Taibi

In 2012 once again, Olympic shooter Nur Suryani Mohamed Taibi was eight months pregnant when she was competing the women's 10 meter rifle event. 

6. Alysia Montano

The famous athlete Alysia Montano completed the 800-meter marathon in 2014 despite being eight months pregnant. 

7. Cornelia Pfohl

This archer from Germany competed in the Olympics twice while being pregnant. Once in 2000 while she was newly pregnant (she also won bronze that year) and the second time in 2004 while she was seven months pregnant. 

8. Magda Julin

This figure skater from Sweden competed in the Antwerp Olympics in 1920 and scored gold too.

9. Gal Gadot 

The amazing actress was said to be 5 months pregnant while shooting her latest flick Wonder Woman. She managed to do all the action scenes and looked stunning as ever. 

10. Penelope Cruz 

The actress shot for Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tides while being three months pregnant. She had the pull of action scenes and wore corsets, but she did it with such ease.