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15 Unbelievably Stunning Sculptures That Are Redefining Man-Made Art

Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day, but I say, give a man a medium & a muse and he will share a piece of his sentence with all. There may be plenty of wonders around the world that have been molded by the forces of nature, but man is not far behind in pushing the boundaries of imagination. Be it on a piece of rock, be it a side of a mountain or be it just scrap metal or simply a digital palette that’s responsible, there is no limit to what can be used to concoct art.Regarding the modern sculptures we are going to discuss today, some of them are a testament to the epics in literature, some are an ode to spirituality, and some just provoke you to think beyond abstract definitions found in contemporary art.Most of these sculptures defy the ordinary artistic elements in favor of that which does not usually catch the eye as an artistic ingredient. Some are gargantuan in size, and some are simply out of reach. Let us take you on a tour of 15 unbelievable sculptures that redefine man-made art.

1. Ali and Nino

‘Ali and Nino’ is the gigantic symbol of the perfect harmony between a man and a woman, starting with them crossing paths, mingling, and then inevitably going their opposite paths. The sculpture by Tamara Kvesitadze is 8 meters tall and is situated on the beach-side in Batumi, Georgia. It’s a treat to the eyes!

2. Balancing Sculpture

The Jerzy Kedziora made sculpture is an open defiance of gravity and is one among many. The one in Dubai is composed completely of bronze and is balanced on a metal wire, taunting gravity.

3. Diminish and Ascend

This might be what Led Zeppelin had foretold about. The stairway to heaven, so as to speak was ideated by David McCracken, in Sydney. Each successive step had been built smaller than the previous which gives the impression from the ground that it is infinite in number!

4. Diamonds in the sky

Neil Dawson must be one anti-gravity fanatic to have sculpted so many of these across Ozzie-land. However, this gravity-defying sculpture - his most famous - is like a multi-colored diamond in the sky. Upon a closer look, one might discover the help of barely detectable wires at play.

5. Gravity Elephant

Daniel Firman made it a goal to prove that an elephant can balance his trunk with ease, even at 18000 kilometres above sea level. Thus, the elephant balancing itself on its trunk can be seen at the French Castle, Fontainebleau.

6. Involution

Chad Knight is famous for creating some of the most thought-provoking artistic sculptors of all time. Fans love the creator of some of the most surreal digital art pieces for ‘Involution’. Most of them are built against a natural background to bring out the contrast.

7. Last Supper

Another solid piece of sculpting that pays homage to the epic fresco painting by da Vinci, would be the sculpture by Albert Szulaski in the town of Rhyolite. The ghost town is home to the ‘Last Supper’, which looks like the silhouette of each character in the scene in white. They are illuminated at night, set against the background of Death Valley, for effect!

8. The Fiddler (the Violinist)

One of the most eccentric real-life sculptures out there, the foyer of the Amsterdam Stopera’s music theatre is home to the violinist whose music seems to be breaking grounds. The authorities have remained mum about its origins though.

9. Porches at the Festival of Speed

In the Festival of Speed, in Goodwood, UK, Gerry Judah created a magnificent sculpture that captured the fancy of the visitors as much as the cars on display. The project comprised of three cars jetting into the sky, with all three cars suspended in air, stationed by their streak, conceptualized by the palpable metal of course.

10. The Runner

Another one for fans of speed and motion, the Runner in Athens, Greece, was a tricky sculpture created by Costas Varotsos. The sculpture has been constructed from sheets of dark green glass, superpositioned in a fashion that it gives the viewer the impression of a pair of feet in motion, from just about any angle!

11. The Bather

Oliver Voss surprised the German population with his art installation, the Bather. The Bather comprises of the sculptor of a blonde-haired maiden submerged in water, with only her head and knees visible above the surface. The steel and Styrofoam structure gives the impression of a bathing beauty.

12. The inevitability of time

A personal favorite, Adam Martinakis, the master of futuristic, abstract artwork, won over millions with this art piece. Available in digital print format, it depicts the tragic loss of the living experience, once their lover’s flesh prison (or physical form) loses the race against time.

13. Underwater Sculpture Ring

Sculptor Jason Taylor is renowned for making underwater sculptors across the globe. Taylor incorporates marine conservation methods in his projects, turning them naturally into coral reef grounds that lend color to each sculpture. The most touted project by Taylor is established off the coast of Cancun, Mexico.

14. Wonderland

You can walk inside this sculpture, established in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It is composed of 12-meter-long wireframes, which form a human head. One must walk inside it to draw the parallel between the human head and the world. The concept was birthed by the sculptor Jaume Plensa.

15. Karma

Do Ho Suh’s brainchild in New York City’s Albright-Knox Art Gallery is 7 meters in height and is the sculptor’s interpretation of the ethic of karma. It immediately provokes the audience to think in its image about action and reaction.  

16. The Kelpies

Drawing inspiration from the Celtic mythology, this 30-meter high sculpture of two mammoth horse heads was created by the Andy Scott. Located at the Helix Parkland area in Falkirk, Scotland, this is the largest equine sculpture in the world. 600 tons of structural steel was used in the construction of this beauty.Share the story if you feel it's worth it.