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How This Simple Trick is Giving Everyday Objects a New Life 

'Eyebombing,' the craze that has taken the internet by storm and given mundane everyday objects a new life. It's nothing but the art of sticking googly eye stickers on basically anything you can imagine, in order to make a face out of it; especially a smiley face! Vanyu Krastev, a street artist from Bulgaria took this craze a little further by not only creating eyebomb faces out of ordinary everyday objects but broken ones as well! His imagination is so colorful, it's simply awe-inspiring!In a world full of chaos and serious issues, it is a refreshing little distraction. You're lucky if you've witnessed it. Don't worry if you haven't, cause that is exactly what we're going to show you today.Take a look!

Broken concrete ball face.

A simply cracked sidewalk concrete ball was transformed into an expressive face with googly eyes. You see it too, right?

Holey pole! 

The pole seems rather 'wowed' by something. Is it you? Oh yes, definitely! 

The drooling rain gutter downspout.

Doesn't it appear as if you just narrated your favorite racist joke and it went 'Say whaaaa?'

Mr. Rusty!

Because who wouldn't be in an existential crisis after being-a-pole for so long?

Mr. Expressive!

It's how I look on Monday mornings.

She said what?! 

When you share the hottest gossip with your bestie!

An elated trashcan.

Appears so happy that it's almost creepy. Wonder if it knows something that we don't...

Froggy splat.

A splat of water that was turned into what looks to be a frog, with the simple addition of two googly eyes. Amazing, isn't it?

Somber looking paver bricks.

It's like they're deep in thought, already worried about the next US elections.

Happy concrete trashcan.

Meet George, the happy concrete trashcan, who would be happier if you didn't litter the streets. 

A wise old tree.

The one who has lived through all ages, seen it all, lived it all... Aaand is still wondering why do some people believe chocolate milk comes from cows?!

A rather worried container.

What do you mean by 'it's over,' Stan?! 

A powerful message.

This image gives the message that not everything in life with a hole is meant to be a trashcan. Well, it does to me anyway. Just look at the perturbed looked on the poor pole's face. 

Wise Mr. Blue Potts 

Above we have a very wise old pot; Mr. Blue Potts to be exact. Image credits & copyright: Eyebombing Bulgaria - Vanyu Krastev. Also taken from Imgur.