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Eyebombing Is The New Craze And It's Giving Everyday Objects A New Life

"Eyebombing' is the latest craze that is taking the world, as well as social media by storm and giving mundane everyday objects a new life. What it (eyebombing) is exactly, is the 'art' of sticking googly eye stickers on basically anything you can imagine, in order to make a face out of it; especially a smiley face! In a world full of chaos and serious issues, it is a refreshing and welcome little distraction for all those who are lucky enough to get to witness this art form in everyday life (especially on the streets of cities).  In Bulgaria a street artist by the name of Vanyu Krastev has taken this craze a little further by not only creating eyebomb faces out of ordinary everyday objects, but broken ones (objects) to boot! His (Vanyu's) imagination is so colorful that the creations he produces are simply awe-inspiring to say the least!View onwards for picture examples of his (Vanyu Krastev's) amazing work.


Please note that I in no way, means or form try and claim any credit for the photobomb images used in this article. I acknowledge the fact that the artworks as well as the photographs of the said artworks are the sole property of Mr. Vanyu Krastev, a renowned street artist from Bulgaria.

Broken concrete ball face

Above we have a broken sidewalk concrete ball which with the simple addition of googly eyes, has been transformed into a face with a rather surprised expression. 

The drooling rain gutter downspout 

In the image above we can see a drooling face made out of a rain gutter downspout. 

Happy concrete trashcan

Meet George, the happy concrete trashcan above. 

Mr. Expressive 

The pole featured above has a rather expressive face wouldn't you say? 

Mr. Rusty 

Hello, I am Mr. Rusty, and I am a very confused looking rusty pole.

An elated trashcan

Doesn't the trashcan above look really happy? Wonder if he knows something we don't...

Froggy splat 

Above we have a splat of water that was turned into what looks to be a frog, with the simple addition of two googly eyes. Such a pity it had to dry up.

Somber looking paver bricks 

The payer bricks above have rather somber expressions I'd say. 

A powerful message 

the image above gives the message that not everything in life with a hole is meant to be a trashcan. Well to me it does anyway. Just look at the perturbed looked on the poor pole's face. 

holey pole! 

The pole above seems rather 'wowed' by something! 

A wise old tree

You can just see the wisdom on the face of the tree above. 

She said what?! 

I cannot decide if the tree above is looking shocked or horrified! 

A rather worried container

The concerned expression on the face of the container featured above is priceless!