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15 Japanese Inventions That Are Weirder Than You Can Possibly Imagine

Japan has always been a mysterious and enigmatic country of contrasts. The Land of the Rising Sun, of cherry blossoms and Mount Fuji, is also home to Hello Kitty, manga, and Osaka's Universal Studios Park.The Japanese gave us statin medications to reduce deaths from heart disease, but they are also responsible for the discovery of meth. The ancient game of Othello and the modern horrors of karaoke came from these islands and so did what you are about to see.When we think of Japanese inventions, our minds are usually drawn to technology; the bullet train, digital cameras, carbon nanotubes, and the LED, etc. But the inventors in Japan are so much more creative than you probably realize. They are also bizarre and outlandish, and the creators of items so beyond the comprehension of the average person you have to wonder who thought it would be a good idea to manufacture them. Have a look!

#1) When You Want To Avoid A Kiss

If there are scores of admirers breaking down your door wanting to lock lips with you, what better way to repel them than with the finest WASABI lip balm? This may not have been the intention of the inventor of this lip defence product, but this is not the hot lips product we had in mind.

#2) Time Your Noodles

What do you do when you have vital things to do but have to keep an eye on the pot of instant noodles you have going on the edge of your desk? You buy this little fellow. As he gets hotter, the top half changes color, and he loses grip. As soon as you see a pale rubber man fall onto your desk, your noodles are done.

#3) The Countdown Is On

This specially designed engagement undergarment counts down the days and hours to your wedding. It also gives you the opportunity to liven up your world travels and see how airport security works in different countries.

#4) Nod Off Without Nodding

It's hard to get enough rest when you have a three-hour commute each way and a 12-hour working day. Grab some extra shuteye while looking so strange that people will give you plenty of space with this fabulous sleep support.

#5) Serial Killer Make-Up Accessories

Allegedly designed to enable the modern woman on the go to apply her lipstick without a mirror, this appears to be more of a device Buffalo Bill would use in Silence of the Lambs.

#6) Once You Pop You Can't Stop

For those times your life would not be complete without some endless bubble wrap, the Japanese have kindly produced the bubble wrap keychain. Annoy people all day with your popping, endless fun for all the family.

#7) Can You Feel The Beat(le)?

If ever you are stumped for a gift idea, buy some beetles for her ears. Yes, these are real beetles. Yes, they really are earrings and yes the nightmares will haunt you for weeks.

#8) A Clean Sweep

You never know when a nasty dust emergency might strike, so be prepared with the dustpan and brush slippers. Wherever you walk, you'll always be able to keep that floor sparkling clean.

#9) The Lap Of Luxury

We've already seen how the masses have to catch some zzz's on their commutes, but this is how the executives do it. This foam lap pillow is available in Japan for the tired businessman who never gets home to his wife anymore.

#10) What do you do with it?

It is, of course, a voice trainer for singers and actors.

#11) The fake hand

Well, the fake hand helps you to cover your mouth while you are using a toothpick. But, that is something we can do with our second hand too. Then what's the use of it? 

#12) Nose straightener 

Is your nose a little tilted? If yes, then try this unique but absurd nose straightener. Though I am not sure of the outcome after using this manual gadget. 

#13) Chill and have a nap

Are you fed up of your parents who force you to study while you wish to sleep? Now, here is to all such people. This pillow that looks like a book is enough to troll your parents and convince them that you are studying.

#14) Handy car clothing rack

Now tell me, don't you have enough space at home that you have to carry a handy car clothing rack? 

#15) Head resting

Do you find it difficult to sleep while sitting? Well, Japan innovators are here for your rescue. Looking at the image you must have understood what I am talking about.Updated by:Sakshi Kasat