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Photographer Shoots Real People With And Without Clothes For A Very Powerful Reason

If we come to see this, we all are naked underneath our clothes. Every single person on this planet wears clothes but is actual in the full nude underneath. Our bodies come in different shapes and sizes, but they're all natural as hell. In today's world, there's a lot of pressure in being sexualized. We all want to look beautiful and sexy, at the same time. But that's not easy. The fashion and entertainment industry has provided us with a lot of judgments. Not only do other people pass opinions on our body, but we do it ourselves. What we don't realize is nudity is simple and natural. It doesn't need to be sexual. A photographer, Sophia Vogel, created a photo album featuring regular people like attorneys, dentists, teachers and many others. She chose to stick to people belonging to the millennial age group right, but she will be expanding her range soon. Let's take a look at some of her photos. Images via Sophia Vogel Instagram 

1. Doing yoga

Everyone is beautiful in their own way. We don't need to put a sexual notion to nudity. It can be natural and come without any sexual context. Just because we have high standards about beauty set in this world, doesn't mean we can't embrace our true self. Being naked is as natural as being clothed. 

2. Wandering the wood

Nothing says natural than taking a walk in the wilderness. 

3. Relaxing with your partner.

Isn't it the best to lay back reading a book with your partner after a long day of work? Why does it have to be sexualized if the couple is naked? Look how natural it looks! 

4. Working at your desk has never been so simplified. 

Just regular people going about their business. Why think about it as anything other than that? 

5. Why make it a big deal? 

It's just a human body. 

6. Just an ordinary setting. 

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7. Does it look awkward? 

We need to embrace the fact that being naked is actually natural. We were born naked and that's our true form.