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10 Of The Most Disgusting Things A Man Has Ever Said About A Girl's Body

Let's say this, men are absolutely oblivious to a woman's body and its functions. Although they may have fascinations with it, that doesn't mean they're good at the educational level about a woman's body. Sometimes, they end up saying things that will totally horrify the woman next to them and they can't even take their words back. They may have a general idea like where the baby comes from or why women get their period every month, but the entire mechanism isn't quite known to them. They still get confused about period facts and they also tend to make weird observations about them. This kind of ignorance is noted in all the men in the world, not just the awkward guys we meet. No matter their age, men tend to always miss out on facts relating to the female body and they couldn't be more wrong. Here are some of the weirdest thing a man has ever said about a woman's body. 

1. This idiot who thought labor pain isn't that bad. 

Labor pain is probably the most gruesome experience a human being can go through. Although, some experience more pain than the others due to pain tolerance, saying this is simply offensive. The contractions get more and more painful and imagine squeezing a watermelon sized baby out of a tiny hole in your body. 

2. When did he say anything that made sense? 

Another one of his useless tweets about breastfeeding. Why is he even allowed to use words?

3. Craziest misconceptions about the female body. 

His feelings might be genuine, but those are just horrible misconceptions. 

4. What does he even mean? 

I think he missed sex education class during high school. 

5. Late bloomer or just masturbation? 

Every female body is different and it grows different. Saying she had flat breasts due to something she did is just ignorance. 

6. Another crazy misconception. 

The thing here is, due to the trauma and emotional damage after any such incident, the victim doesn't usually (out of fear and panic) think about taking the necessary medical assistance. Some even don't think about reporting it because of the trauma. 

7. Do breast implants make you healthy? 

Where do you think he's getting at? 

8. He shouldn't be allowed to make opinions. 

This is such an individual thing. Stating a statement like a penis is more sensitive isn't just right. But scientifically speaking, a vagina has 8,000 nerve endings while a penis has only 4,000. 

9. That's gotta be outrageous. 

Just because a woman is near menopausal age, doesn't mean that's the end of her sex life. That's quite the contrary. One of the changes that happens during menopause is that the clitoris becomes larger and more sensitive. Which literally translates into longer and better orgasms.