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This Is What Life Inside Manila (The Most Crowded City In The World) Looks Like

Being the most populous city in the world, the capital of Philippines holds nearly 1.78 million people in an extremely small area. It is known to be the most densely populated city in the world carrying about 110,000 people per square mile and now the residents are suffering because of it. Manila used to be a beautiful city back in the day but now it's flooded with people and doesn't have much to offer. People are suffering due to lack of jobs and poverty, but not much is being done for them. What has lead to Manila being so populated? As it was said that the former Mayor of the city banned any distribution of contraceptives and that rule lasted nearly a decade. Due to this, the population wasn't allowed to use any contraception and Manila ended up being in the present state.So what is happening now? Let's find out.  

This decision was taken by the Mayor in the year 2000. 

He had banned any and all distributors of contraceptive techniques in the city-funded health centres which had led to the current situation. The city is bursting with people and there seems to be not much that can be done. The residents are suffering due to poverty and lack of jobs and they are being provided with no relief.

After that, many unintended pregnancies took place. 

Manila is mainly a Catholic country and the pregnancies that took place were unintended. Out of those unintended pregnancies, 90% happened due to lack of contraception methods. 

They have tried to remedy the ongoing crises. 

In 2012, the Mayor decided to distribute free contraceptive remedies to the public. A bill was passed as law which stated that all city funded hospitals would be providing free birth control methods.  

It has been given priority. 

The crisis of overpopulation continues in Manila and the government is looking into it thoroughly. 

But they're not sure about implants. 

Contraceptive methods have been given great importance, except implants or IUDs. Intra-uterine devices are known to cause abortions and the consent of their implication has been largely withheld. 

But that's not all. 

Being a city largely dominated by Catholics, they believe abortions should be made illegal.

More contraceptives were banned. 

Two more forms of contraceptives have been banned recently. Along with that, the supreme court of Manila has also cut the funding given to family planning measures. 

The population is still growing. 

As a result of all this, the maternity wards are overflowing and always crowded with expecting mothers. 

Infant mortality rates are also high. 

Due to poverty and overcrowding, medical facilities aren't as easily available. Therefore, many infants fall sick and they fail to recover. We just hope Manila somehow gathers the courage and fight off the evil of overpopulation.Source