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25 Style Tips Every Woman Should Follow This Year 

We’ve all at some point in our life wonder what it takes to be a cool, confident and stylish woman who always gets it right. She’s the one whom you can spot easily, as everyone eyes her when she passes by. And she’s not someone you see on the silver screen, but someone who might live down the street or someone who works in the same office as yours or maybe she’s your friend’s mother.Though she may appear a fashionable woman, she is not! Hard to believe? It won't be hard once you follow rules of the style handbook.Perhaps, chic women are well prepared and follow certain fashion rules, which make them look stylish. Dressing, according to their age, is also what makes them stand out. It is after observing the fashion habits of the chic and stylish women, WittyFeed brings you 25 style rules that you wouldn’t want to break.   

#1 Dress for yourself. 

Stay true to your style and buy what you like and not something that’s popular. It is good to experiment with trends, but it is only good if you know what suits you. Fashionistas wear what suits them and stick to it, no matter what changing trends or styles are. 

#2 Show skin strategically. 

You don’t need to bare it all to look sexy. Looking sexy involves knowing when to bare and what to keep under wraps. If it is your legs, then keep the top covered and if its cleavage then don’t show your legs. 

#3 If a fit flatters you, think in multiples.

If you find a flattering fit that suits you, then go ahead and buy the same styles often. Why question it when it works so well? 

#4 Throw on a scarf.

One of the best accessories according to a lot of best-dressed women! Keep one handy in your purse and transform any outfit when in need. 

#5 Hit the trial room well-prepared.

When shopping for that important dress don’t forget to carry along your body shaper so you get the right feel and fit. And if you carry a lipstick, a pair of heels and a hairbrush, it would help you get a better sense of it. 

#6 Fit for your body type.

Wear what you love, but only if you are aware of what looks flattering on your figure. The dress you love on the shelf might be the cutest you ever saw but if it isn’t meant for your body type then it might be a fashion disaster.Remember, all stylish women understand their body type and dress accordingly.

#7 Do check out the rear view.

When stepping out, do remember to check out your rear view and don’t step out until you like what you see, because every angle matters. 

#8 Clear your closet.

You should be able to see every item while rummaging through your closet. So if you haven’t worn something from past six months, donate it.

#9 Inside matters.

A quality piece can be judged by the inside lining. A well-crafted lining is a tell-tale sign whether a garment is sewn with care.Here is another tip. Wear well-fitted bra and underwear and it goes with whatever outfit you are wearing. 

#10 Don’t shop with a closed mind.

Fashionable women shop with an open mind. They never say, "It is cute, but it is not me." You never know until you give it a try. 

#11 When in doubt, go nude.

Yes ladies, literally but with your shoes. When in doubt about which pair to wear go for nude pumps and invest in one that matches your skin tone. It gives a longer look to your legs. 

#12 See in the light for white!

Check white clothes in bright light. One more style rule for you. White undergarments shine through white clothes so when wearing white, always wear nude underneath. 

#13 Skip the cheap hardware.

Sometimes, you fall for a dress because it is available at a throwaway price. This is because the dress has cheap hardware attached to it. Swap the cheap buttons or zipper or the brooch with nicer ones. 

#14 Outerwear should never be an afterthought.

Even if you are wearing something great underneath, no one will care. This is because people will look at your overcoat. So, never buy a boring coat, as all eyes would be on the outerwear.

#15 Don’t let the fear of colours get to you.

Stylish women know how to pair colours. To play it safe, mix a neutral hue with a bright colour. But think twice before pairing an intense colour with black. If you wish to be little experimental, then try two colours that are beside each other on the colour chart.  

#16 Buy from sales if you like it.

Love and not like! Just because this piece is on sale doesn’t mean you will not wear it.  

#17 Go for a thicker waistband.

A thicker waistband would pull you in a bit and and make you appear in shape. 

#18 Make friends with a good tailor.

The fit and quality of a moderately priced dress can also be raised if it is perfectly altered to your size. Find a dressmaker who understands your style and your body type.  

#19 Add an element of surprise.

Whether it is a sequined belt with a casual dress, a leather jacket over a formal gown, a statement accessory with a white tee, a touch of contrast is enough to pop up the outfit. 

#20 Dress for the weather and occasion.

Dressing for the occasion is crucial. Would you wear a pair of jeans to a wedding or a heavy outfit while you go shopping? Similarly, dressing for the weather keeps you comfortable and allows you to stay trendy and updated. 

#21 Add in accessories.

Sexy shoes, classy jewellery, trendy bag – the right accessory can elevate your look. A little extra adds that chic factor to your simple look making it stylish.  

#22 Always have a stylist emergency kit handy.

A simple rule for keeping it stylish at all times is to have a style emergency kit handy in your bag. And what should it include?*Double-stick tape for loose hems or gaping bodice*Safety pins for damage control*Bra clip to fix those peekaboos*Makeup sponge for removing deodorant stains 

#23 Pair loose with tight.

Not all can pull off the baggy look so if you do wish to try it, team a baggy top with a fitted pair of pants.

#24 Know your necklines.

Necklines also play a huge role in knowing what works for you as it enhances your face, so make sure to get it right.