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This Is One Thing Women Look For In Their Male Partner  

Picking a partner can become tricky. What should you look for? Whom should you avoid? All these questions can simply confuse you.  Choosing a partner is obviously different for males and females. If you were to ask a group of women about what they look for in the partner, they'd probably come up with a long list. For them, their partner should be - - Financially stable - Have Good sense of humor- Caring- Responsible And the list goes on. But according to a recent study, it was found out that most women look for just one single quality. What is that quality? The study concluded that it isn't a six-figure paycheck or fancy cars or a big house that women want in their ideal man. Women simply want a partner that resembles their brother. Does it freak you out? It is as disturbing as it may sound. But this is the actual result of the study.  Have a look. 

The study was published in The Evolution and Human Behaviour Journal. 

A group of women was taken as volunteers and they were asked to examine a few photos of men. They were supposed to rank the photos according to which male in the photograph looked most like their brother. Actual photos of their brothers were also used to cross-match the results.  

They also asked for their partners' photographs. 

According to the study, there was a marked resemblance in the photos of their partners and brothers. 

But why is it so?

Although this might not be the case in every woman, most of the women could fall into this category. But the question is why females choose partners who look like their brother?

Familiarity seems attractive. 

The fact, that women are interested in men who look like their brothers, has a story behind it. People get attracted to people with similar views, tastes, and interests. So that is applicable in this case too.    

It makes them feel comfortable. 

Anything you're familiar with will make you feel more comfortable. That's the reason why women feel comfortable with and are attracted to men who look like their brothers.   

It doesn't sound as disturbing now, does it? 

Even though women choose partners because they look like their brothers, they still continue to have fulfilling relationships. Read also - Did You Know Your Height Affects Your Sex Life? This Is How