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Why This 22-Year Old Got 110 Plastic Surgeries Done Is Something He Can Understand 

If you haven't heard of any bizarre stories lately, this might certainly come to you as a shock. Considering plastic surgery, people have been getting their nose fixed, or having butt implants to become curvier. But have you heard about anyone wanting to become genderless? Yes, you heard that right.  A 22-year old person known as Vinny Ohh from Los Angeles, US, decided to go for a number of surgeries. Perhaps, this is one of the weirdest stories about plastic surgery because no man has ever attempted this. He spent nearly 50,000 dollars to get them done. A total of 110 surgeries were done, which transformed him from a man into a genderless alien.    What do you think about that? It began with the regular lip fillers or brow enhancement procedures. Gradually, it got to a serious level. He began getting surgeries done on himself since the age of 17 and 5 years later, he's accomplished the goal he was rooting for.   Let's find out more about Vinny.    

Vinny was asked a lot of questions. 

Initially, people close to him didn't understand the motive behind his decision to opt for surgeries. But the answer Vinny gave to people was that he wanted his physical appearance to become something he felt in his mind and soul. Is that too hard to understand?   

He doesn't want to be male or female. 

In a world of gender stereotypes, Vinny didn't want to be identified as a male or a female, or even a transgender. He wanted to be genderless, almost like an alien.   

Vinny's makeup artist talks a lot about him.  

He says Vinny can't be categorised as a male or a female. He simply wants his physical features to match how he feels inside him. Source: Mirror

The surgeries are almost done. 

Vinny has spent years and nearly 50,000 dollars to get these procedures done on himself. His surgeries are almost over, but the integral one remains. The doctors have yet to remove his genitals. That has to be done with precision.  

He's willing to spend more money. 

Vinny doesn't mind spending 150,000 dollars more to get the right procedure. We need to find out what the surgeons are thinking about this procedure. After that, he'll be exactly what he wants to look like.

But what is his message to the world? 

He doesn't want to be identified as something in particular.

He wants to do more with it. 

The world has been categorised into genders and gender roles. Vinny believes instead of living up to our genders, we must focus on being more kind towards each other.    

He's got clear goals in his mind. 

Although he may have chosen a path that we're not entirely sure about, his message to the world is sacred. He wants to bring kindness into the world and he's going to try his best.