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16 Powerful Tattoos That Turned Scars Into Works Of Art

Every tattoo narrates a different story. The story might be a memory you want to preserve, of something that inspires you or, in this case, of something you want to forget.To live in a society that accepts the body for what it is and what it has gone through would be a dream and scars always remind you of that hardship each time you look at them. You can either choose to relish the fact that you made through that hardship, or the pain can be too hard for you to ensure that you'd want to hide those scars forever to move on. It is perfectly alright to be either; the important part is to move on from that pain.Here are 20 images of people who decided to hide those scars to move on from what caused them and give you ideas if you need any inspiration.

Never forget

“The semicolon is symbolic for my story not being over. ‘Just breathe’ is a reminder to do so when I’m in panic mode, and the words go over some faded self-harm scars.” — Amanda C.The semicolon is a frequently used tattoo made by people who have overcome their mental illnesses like anxiety or depression and may more.

A Phoenix to help you rise up above

Calvin and Hobbes will never fail to cheer you up

That's a fresh idea, just zip that up!

Freddy's Glove from a classic  'A Nightmare on Elm Street' 

Have an angel hide your scars

Or a tiger's also equally cool

Here's the tattoo embracing the scar

Stick figures for the child in you

Something beautiful turns out when you accept yourself