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People Are Fixing Their Town's Potholes By Planting Flowers And It's Magnificent

Imagine if you start off the day with a good thought that you are traveling to the office, listening to some good music, talking to your friend simultaneously and suddenly your car ends up in a pothole and gets any of its components damaged, your day will get ruined, right?Potholes can put a real damper on your day and your car. Some roads can get rather rough if city officials aren't quick to fix the streets. To overcome this, some people around the world are taking matters into their own hands. What must be their solution? Plant some flowers to cover those unsightly potholes and the end result gets pretty powerful. The roads are not only filled but these flowers have also enhanced the beauty of the streets. Kudos to all the people who came up with this idea.Check out these pics to see what great initiative people have taken to put a stop to potholes.

#1 Rough Roads Attract Costly Repairs

Not only are potholes unsightly, but they damage your car and possibly cause a collision. Local officials are responsible for making sure the roads are plain enough to drive, but sometimes they don't get to fixing these pesky problems quite fast enough. Pothole flowers have been popping up in cities around the world, from Chicago to London. 

#2 Some Citizens Are Taking The Repair Into Their Own Hands

Rather wait any longer, some citizens such as the Portland Anarchist Road Care group in Portland, Oregon choose to fix the problem themselves to help out the entire community. Although a fix with some cement gets the job done, other people are going for a more artistic approach.

#3 Beautifying The Streets Has Taken On A New Meaning

Instead of filling the holes with bland pavement, people are planting flowers in troublesome potholes in their cities and towns. The effect is simple yet profound.

#4 It Is A Quiet Protest Of Floral Proportions

People are letting their cities know that they need to take better care of the roads, in the most colorful of ways.

#5 Bleak Roads Are Getting A Makeover In The Process

A bright pop of color isn't something you expect to see on a mundane roadway, but these pothole fixtures are definitely garnering some attention.

#6 These Flowers Can Help Motorists Avoid Unnecessary Potholes

Not only can they bring life to a dreary road, they allow motorists to avoid potholes safely. This can save drivers money on future car repairs or even help avoid an accident.

#7 People Are Really Finding This Pothole Planting Inspiring

Enhancing the environment while making the roads safer for all? That's a win-win.

#8 Flowers Make Everything Better — Including Corroded Roadways

Although some city officials argue that these planted potholes are somehow illegal, there is no argument that this is a lively approach to getting things done. Here's to flower power!

#9 Shimmering tiles

In addition to live flowers, many creative people have also opted to create pothole art with other mediums, like shimmering mosaic tiles, multi-colored yarn, and embellished clay.

#10 Beautiful art

I am sure apart from how beautiful it looks, it has also solved the issue of potholes in different towns.

#11 Embellished clay

Such unique thought of covering a pothole. 

#12 Colourful flowers

To make it look more attractive people have placed bright, colorful, attractive flowers. 

#13 Wake up officials

These flowers can also catch the attention of government officials, which works as a reminder for them. Sounds a good idea.

#14. People take care of flowers

The locals not only plant the flowers but also take care by watering them. 

#15 Salute to locals

It's how things should be done, It's how initiatives need to be taken. Such amazing work inspires not only people living nearby but the whole world when it becomes a headline. Did you find it interesting? That's all people and do not forget to subscribe me.Updated by - Ekta Lokwani