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Why You Shouldn't Ask People On Reddit To Photoshop Your Photos

The world was boring when there were no trolls, memes or funny viral photos circulating online. But today, you see the whole of the internet flooded with nothing but this crazy posts. They're in fashion and no one seems to not be obsessed with them.Love them or hate them, online trolls have some talent and the ability to make us laugh. We find them all over the web, making jokes and teasing people. So, if you are in the mood to laugh, we've put together a list for you about some of the most hilarious Photoshop trolls, and exactly what they have done to make their readers chuckle.

#1 DJ Afrojack And The Eiffel Tower

When DJ Afrojack asked for assistance from his fans with editing a picture of him pointing at the Eiffel Tower, he got a while list of responses he did not expect. Later, he must have regretted taking the help, for sure.

#2 Yves Van Den Ven

Food blogger Yves Van Den Ven got an interesting response when he posted his own picture next to the Eiffel Tower. The trolls that Photoshopped his image were both funny and merciless with their response.

#3 The Sun In Between His Fingers

There's nothing quite like getting a response like this when you simply ask for help Photoshopping the sun and moving it to appear between your fingers. Several web trolls had a great time with their responses, obviously.

#4 Photoshop Us In The Same Pic Together

This person asked one innocent question, "Can you Photoshop us so we are in the same picture together?" The response given, shown above, was a troll that had no problems doing just that, with a little flair for the police.

#5 Make My Jump Look Higher

When one skateboarder asked to get his image Photoshopped so his jump appear higher, he got a large number of interesting responses from trolls.

#6 Make An Interesting Background

When one of the girls in this picture asked for some help creating an interesting background, she got a number of humorous responses from trolls.

#7 Please Alter My Photo

The girl in this picture asked for some help getting her image altered. The response this request generated from trolls is classic.

#8 Can You Make The Fish Bigger?

When a boyfriend asked for help to Photoshop the fish in his girlfriend's hand to make it look bigger, he got the responses he wasn't expecting.

#9 Can You Fix My Photos?

When one well-meaning guy asked for some help fixing his photos, he got some serious help from trolls poking fun at his request.

#10 Can You Fix My Red Eye?

We've all had pictures with red eye in them, but it might not be a good idea to ask for help with edits on the web. While some of us may have encountered trolls on the web and not enjoyed being made fun of, we can typically laugh at the antics of others. The main rule here when trying to seek assistance with picture edits is in line with the old phrase, "Be careful what you ask for because you just might get it." In these cases, we doubt that the people seeking help or posting their pictures ever expected to get quite the response they generated.