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These Sisters Were Abandoned At Birth And 43 Years Later...

There are newborns, there are orphans and then there are the babies that are abandoned. As sad as it may sound but the latter two usually do not live a very decent life. But yes, there are times when these kids too find that ultimate happiness. We have one such story for you today.Babies all over the world are adopted into loving homes, but some people grow up wondering where they truly came from. Some of them attempt to find their birth parents or other siblings, sometimes without success. One such woman received a huge surprise when she found out she had a long-lost sister — one that she would finally meet after four decades of separation.

#1 Many Babies Are Abandoned Around The World

Although there are safe havens available for mothers to leave their children without prosecution, some mothers are scared or ashamed and abandon their babies unsafely and without care.One woman was abandoned at birth four decades ago, and her story made headlines.

#2 Donna Massie Wysong's Life Had Troublesome Beginnings

She was abandoned by her birth mother on a sidewalk in Norfolk, Virginia, on March 14, 1973. She was wrapped in nothing but a towel with a piece of red string around her navel. Wysong was adopted into a loving home, but as she grew older she needed answers about her background.

#3 She Started To Put Pieces Of The Puzzle Together

She enlisted the help of a local news station and received the assistance of Angela Trammel, a genealogical investigator that was willing to give Wysong a DNA test for free. This test would hopefully locate any of Wysong's biological family members, and eventually, she was given some incredible information!

#4 Wysong Had A Fully-Biological Sister Somewhere

This sibling had been abandoned just 11 months after Wysong, and Wysong planned to reach out to her long-lost sister. The two began talking through text and social media, and the sisters planned to finally meet after four decades of being apart.

#5 The Day Of The Reunion Had Finally Arrived

Wysong planned to meet her sister, Vanessa Smiley, in Washington D.C. Nervous and excited, Wysong didn't know what to expect.

#6 The Two Sisters Were Immediately Smitten

Wysong and Smiley hit it off right away, making the reunion worth every second thought and moment of nervousness. The women also tried to reach out to their biological mother, but they both had less than positive results.

#7 The Two Sisters Have No Connection With Their Mother

Their mother was not so enthusiastic about hearing from the children she abandoned all those years ago. Their mother even claimed that Smiley "put herself in a box." Their mother threatened to sue them if they ever contacted her again, and the women are better off moving forward together — leaving the past behind them.

#8 Their Bond Has Become Unbreakable

The sisters are planning on moving their families to Virginia Beach, Virginia, where they can all start a new life together. Their journey hasn't been easy, but these sisters are finding strength in each other. Their willingness to move forward is more powerful than any obstacle in their way, and these sisters couldn't be more thankful to have found their missing piece!