Simple Ways To Get Dimples Without Any Surgery

Little imperfections are exciting; they somehow manage to become the highlight. For example, dimples are nothing but indentations or deformities in the facial muscles, which are irresistibly cute and instantly capture everyone's gaze, even if for a split second. That little flaw in the fleshy part of the cheek is not even considered a deformity and instead adds to the beauty and charm of the person. Dimples are those imperfections everyone finds awesomely charming. There are just a lucky few who are blessed with natural dimples; 20% of the total population on earth to be precise. A genetically inherited trait, these cute facial features are something most of us yearn for. After all, dimpled people are special and who wouldn’t want to be counted in that league of special, adorable, charming, cute, attractive (add some more adjectives...) humans?Such is the charm of dimples that many who don’t have these natural dents on their cheeks opt for a surgical procedure to add to their beauty. But that, my friend, is enough to drill a hole in your pockets.

Is there any alternate and cost-effective way to get dimples?

And the answer is Yes! There are some ways you can get those uber cute indentations naturally, without any surgery. Just invest a little time and that endearing feature can adorn you too! Let’s learn more about some of the natural ways to get dimples.Please note: These methods aren’t scientifically proven and the results may differ from person to person. 

1. Facial exercise.

A folk remedy, this method doesn’t guarantee dimples but a consistent exercise may help you achieve your desired look. Here are the steps to follow:

Suck your cheeks in.

Pucker your lips slightly and suck your cheeks in. Imagine you’ve just eaten something extremely sour, a lemon perhaps, and that face/expression is what you need to replicate. A little pout with cheeks sucked in is exactly what we are talking about.

Press and hold the indents on both the cheeks.

Now locate the deepest part of the indentations on the cheeks; press and hold those spots on both the cheeks using index finger/thumb or the rounded end of a pencil, whatever is more comfortable for you.

Smile wide.

Keeping your finger/pencil tightly in place, ease into a wide grin. Ensure your smile is open-mouthed and wide. The wider the smile, the better the appearance of the dimples. Look into the mirror while doing this; your fingers should now be positioned near the corners of your smile, which is the place where ideally natural dimples occur. If you feel your fingertip or thumb or pencil (whatever you are using) is not very well placed, adjust the position by sliding it across the cheeks.

A temporary dimple is ready!

Release the finger and immediately click a selfie before this temporary dimple fades away. These forced dimples will vanish as soon as you relax that smile.For a long-lasting result, continue holding the indents for at least 30 minutes. Repeat this exercise daily for half an hour or more but if you don’t see any results even after a month, you may want to give up on fake dimples and focus on better and more meaningful things in life. *wink*

2. Make-up to imitate a dimpled look.

What would we women do without make-up! Makeup can transform a person completely; even make someone unrecognizable (often in the positive sense) in certain cases. A little foundation combined with a proper contouring and blush, carefully applied mascara, kohl, eyeliner, lipstick, etc. etc. can take away half your age in a matter of minutes! And it can also lend you a dimpled look; how awesome can you be Mr. Makeup! Find out below how a simple makeup trick can fake a dimpled look for you.

Look into the mirror and give out a wide grin.

Smile wide but keep it natural. Now look into the mirror and gauge the position you want your dimples to be. Natural creases form on the sides of your lips when you smile. Your cosmetic dimples should be ideally just outside of these creases, beginning just above the upper points of your lips.

Mark the spot.

Dimples usually are crescent shape or short lines. This is what we want to replicate using an eyebrow pencil or a pencil eyeliner. Place a dot using the pencil (eyeliner/eyebrow pencil) at the top of where you want the dimples to be. Prefer a dark brown pencil as it blends easily with the skin tone as compared to the black variant.

Draw a crescent shape.

After you are done marking the spot, relax your mouth. Now draw a small crescent shape with the curved line starting at that dot. Use the same eyeliner or eyebrow pencil you used for marking the dot. Ensure the line does not extend beyond 1 inch below the dot.

Blend it well.

After drawing these cosmetic dimples, blend it by rubbing the line up and down. Adjust your makeup accordingly. You may need to repeat the application and blending of the line until the desired result is achieved. Don’t worry, you will get it after a few attempts.Now smile and see if the dimples have come out well. Click as many pictures as you want, for this is not going to last forever.Note: This cosmetic dimpled look is best suited for photography only. It may look weird when meeting someone in person.

3. Piercing to imitate natural dimples.

Cheek piercing is another way to get a dimpled look. However, it comes with certain risks of infection. In the case of cheek piercing, it is the muscles of the cheek that are cut through, unlike ear and nose piercing that require skin and cartilage piercing only. So be careful and go to a professional for the act.

Clean and pierce.

Before piercing the cheeks, the professional will first clean the area to be pierced with an anti-bacterial soap or using some sterile solution or wipes. Always rinse your mouth with a bacteria-busting mouthwash to ensure there are no germs or harmful bacteria lingering inside of your mouth that may infect the piercing.Always request for a sterile and disposable needle and never settle down for reusable ones if you want to stay away from infections of any kind. The professional may use a piercing gun with a disposable needle or may simply use the needle to pierce through. S/he will then puncture the spot to be pierced and immediately place the jewelry into the piercing.

Let it heal.

Leave the jewelry on for about a couple of months and take all precautions to keep it safe from infections. Check after a month or so if the healing process is going well. When you find the piercings has partially healed, carefully take out the jewelry. Your skin will begin healing after this and you will find the piercing has left dimple-like indentations on the cheeks. You can choose to wear jewelry or keep it as such. However, this is again a semi-permanent way of getting dimples.