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This Lady Exposes How Men Feel When Women Say Just 'Thank You' To Their Compliments

The world is full of strange things. People come up with new ideas online to entertain and engage everybody.Recently, Feminista Jones, a mental health social worker and an activist from the US, tweeted something which was very common. But it was out of the world at the same time.She realised that when a guy compliments her, she reacts with just a simple straight-faced ‘thanks’ instead of giving a squeaky ‘thank-you’ in return.They do not like it. Yes, a very effortless response in exchange of their compliments is something they don't expect. Men dislike it.Jones said, “It’s the idea that they bestow the compliment on you, and you’re not supposed to be aware of it. Generally, we’re taught that we’re not supposed to compliment ourselves. When a woman does that, she needs to be humble.”Her tweets have gone viral, as a large number of women have come forward sharing their experiences.Come, let's check!

She is the lady behind gathering women on Twitter.

Meet Feminista Jones, who wants you not to fall for guys easily and also tease them in the best possible way.

So, she started a social media experiment.

Let's check out what she did!

Look at one of the amazing conversations!

Honesty above all!


Jones came up with one of her own stories.

Men think complimenting is an easy way to flatter ladies.

But it's not that easy, guys!


And they have even admitted it.

It has hurt their ego!

That was so mean of her!

Isn't that offending?

No comments.

Her post has grabbed eyeballs.

It has invited reactions from women having different yet similar experiences.

Yes, it gives immense pleasure, ladies... 

Why don't you try teasing your male friends?