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15 Amazing Facts About Ivanka Trump You Didn't Know

Ivanka Trump is the eldest daughter of US President Donald Trump and has been a strong force behind her father’s political campaigns and policies so far. She was responsible for reaching out to young voters and swing them in her father's favour. Ivanka has been called the most sensible person in Trump family by several media outlets. She is currently serving as the assistant to the President, a position specially established for her by Donald Trump, while her husband Jared Kushner looks after other important offices. She has supported her father defending him for his controversial comments on different issues specially on women. From being friends with Chelsea Clinton to ensuring that her father takes right decisions, Ivanka has carved her name in her own way in the political sphere of the United States. Ivanka started working at a young age. WittyFeed brings you some of the lesser known facts about Ivanka Trump.

1. She once supported Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton launched her presidential bid in 2007. Back at that time, Ivanka supported Clinton and donated 1000 USD to her campaign. She was also a part of Donald Trump’s charity given to the Clinton foundation. Clinton lost the nomination to Barack Obama and eight years later, found Ivanka as her political rival.

2. She called Donald Trump to run for the President. 

Donald Trump admitted that Ivanka played a crucial role in his decision to run for the POTUS. Ivanka called his father to run for the post. It was she who announced the candidacy of Donald Trump to the world in 2015.

3. Successful modelling career.

Ivanka had been just 14 when she made her stint in the fashion industry. In 1997, she appeared on the cover of magazine, Seventeen. She has been a part of several high-profile advertisement campaigns, including the likes of Sassoon Jeans and Tommy Hilfiger. She has walked the ramp for Versace, Thierry Mugler, Marc Bouwer and other big names. As a fashion model, Ivanka has appeared on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar, Golf Magazine, Forbes, Elle Mexico, Avenue Magazine and others.

4. Beauty with Brain.

Following the footsteps of her father, Ivanka attended Donald Trump’s alma matter. She studied Bachelor of Science in Economics at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. She graduated with the highest distinction and even paid her fee at the school.

5. She is a Jew.

Ivanka Trump married Jared Kushner in July 2009 but before marrying him, she converted to Judaism. She follows the strict kosher diet and kept the name Yael. Ivanka also observes the Sabbath and follow all other norms of the Judaism.

6. Do not disturb.

According to media reports, she and her husband turn off her phone from Friday night for weekend. Both of them completely disconnect so that they can spend time with their three children. Since both of them are an integral part of White House administration now, it must be tough to follow this tradition.

7. She wanted to perform at the Broadway.

Ivanka danced at the Lincoln Center during her performance in “The Nutcracker”. Later, she gave audition for the character of Cosette in “Les Miserables” to be performed on Broadway but couldn’t succeed.

8. She has her father’s back.

Ivanka Trump defended her father against harsh criticism he received for commenting on women.She said, "Look, my father is very blunt. He's very direct. He is not gender-specific in his criticism of people, and people that he doesn't particularly like or people that he does like but thinks they're wrong on a particular issue. So I don't think that he's gender-targeted at all. Like I said, I wouldn't be the person I am today, I wouldn't be a high-level executive within his organisation if he felt that way." 

9. She doesn’t buy shoes from other designers.

Ivanka Trump started her own clothing line. As per reports, she has never bought shoes from another designer after she launched her brand . She prefers to wear her own brand of shoes other than athletic shoes.

10. No Bachelorette.

She made her name in the television industry with appearances on her father’s show. Ivanka got an offer from the popular reality show “The Bachelorette”  where she was offered the lead role but she rejected it saying it doesn’t support her ambition of becoming a successful real estate developer.

11. She shares the same name as her mother.

The real name of Ivanka Trump is Ivana which is also the name of her mother. The business woman was named after her mother but in order to avoid the confusion it was later changed to Ivanka. 

12. Bed sheets worth $7,000.

When Ivanka was a kid, her mother purchased Pratesi bed sheets for her in 1990. The bed sheets cost 7,000 USD. Her sleep cost a lot.

13. Nordstrom dropped her fashion line.

There was an online petition to boycott her fashion line when Donald Trump was running for the president. Following this petition, her merchandise was taken off from the website of Nordstrom. The company initially claimed that her items were not among the best performers and they cut 10 percent of their merchandise every year.Later, a spokesperson disputed the claim that Nordstrom dropped Ivanka’s brand “based on performance”. According to Nordstrom spokesperson, Nordstrom ordered both apparel and shoes for the spring, and followed through with the orders on the apparel. Nordstrom cancelled the shoe order, kept the apparel order and moved the apparel from online into stores.

14. She created a women’s brand.

Ivanka Trump said she believes in empowering women and want to work for the women. She wanted to transfer her idea, her beliefs of life into fashion and therefore, created a brand “WomenWhoWork”.

15. Hotness quotient.

Ivanka Trump has been featured on several lists, including Maxim Hot 100, where she stood at the 83rd place in 2007. She was at number 99 in 2007’s issue of Top 99 Women and landed at the 84th position in the 2008 edition on AskMen.com.