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25 Things That Every Cool Girlfriend Does

Is your girlfriend cool and fun or boring and too emotional?Every day is an exciting journey if you are with an amazing person who totally understands you and supports you no matter what. A cool girlfriend will never ask you who you were talking to super late at night and won't mind in checking out hot girls with you.

1. She will make life even more fun for you!

2. She won't mind making the first move.

3. Her candid expressions will make you fall in love with her everyday!

4. She will always take your pranks in a fun way.

5. She will give you all the space you need.

6. You can even check out other girls with her.

7. She won't mind in talking about her previous relationships.

8. She dances like no one is watching her!

9. She will take a stand always.

10. And will speak out whatever she feels is right.

11. When in a fight between you and your parents, she takes up the side of your parents.

12. But will always stay with you even after a huge fight.

13. She will help you in working out.

14. Don't get surprised if she initiates the dirty talk!

15. She will accept her mistakes and do whatever it takes to correct them.

16. And will cry like a baby when she needs you!

17. She will always motivate you to move ahead in life.

18. You will always feel a super positive energy when you are around her.

19. She will never mind in sharing some of her weird secrets with you!

20. She will never mind getting drunk and silly with you!

21. She will always discuss her most awkward dreams and desires with you.

22. She will ditch her girlfriends to go on a long drive with you!

23. She will never mind coming out without makeup in front of you!

24. Even if your phone comes busy late at night, she will never question you.

25. Before being your lover, she will be your best friend.

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