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15 Everyday Things We Bet You Have Been Doing Wrong All Of Your Life

Somethings are meant to be done in a particular way, and if we don't do it in a defined manner, we'd always be wrong. There are obviously no written rules which are to be followed, but it is always better to follow the presets that gets the work done in a better manner. Though the wrong way of doing things might look right, they are practically incorrect. Confused much? Weel, let's simplify! How would you feel if someone says that you had been eating Oreo wrong all your life and even Strawberries? Surprised?After reading this, you are not going to repeat the same mistake that you have been repeating since forever.Don't expect this to be any rocket science, but these simple hacks are going to change many things. So, let's begin the list and see which of the things you were doing wrong all the time in your life.


Eating Oreo is no joke, especially after reading this! Stop using your hands to dip Oreo in hot milk because it prevents full dipping at once. Oreo gets crumbled very quickly, so you have to eat all at once.Rather, fit in a fork between the top and bottom layers and dip the full Oreo at once. Isn't it a life-saving hack?

Popcorn bags

This is a very simple but effective way to get rid of those unpopped kernels. When the bag is cooled down just place it upside down and cut the small opening now shake the bag gently to get rid of those annoying kernels.


Now many of you saw it coming, but for others, the wire should be wrapped over the ear before the earbud is placed in the ear.


Don't cut the top green part with a knife, just take a straw and make a hole from bottom to top. Yeah!

Soda straw

Turn the open tab facing the opening mouth of the can and place the straw through that.


The best way to eat a cupcake without letting its icing get all over your nose is by placing another cupcake on the top of it facing upside down.


A band-aid is not a universal thing, and it doesn't fit everyone in the same way. To make it fitter, cut two triangles on both the parallel ends (see image), and then use it. This will ensure more fitting.

Handle spoon

Placing the used spoon here and there turns your kitchen platform messy and dirty, isn't it? Place the spoon on the handle hole like this.


To get the most of the ketchup, simply pull apart the side of ketchup tub and it will expand to offer more ketchup on a single take.

Plastic bags

To store plastic bags in a more organised way, simply make a triangle shape out of it. Triangle shape prevents it to expand. Not a rocket science though.

Can opener

If you have an edge slot in your keychain, then it can be used as a can opener. Save your finger nails.


Place the thumb on the top of a bite and press it towards the next bite. BOOM!

Fruit drink

Tetra pack generally has a holder, yes, the folded side is nothing but a holder, in case the pack is too cold to hold, it can be used. 

Cotton swabs

Don't use cotton swabs to clean the inner part of the ear, as it can damage your hearing ability badly. Cotton swabs are only made for the outside part of the ears.

Chips bag

It is rare, but if it happens that you are in excess with chips and want to store it for a while, then this is a hack. Simply fold the top over, after that fold the two edges and at last fold the other side over it.