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Can You Spot The Snake In This Picture? People Are Going Nuts!

The children's books, 'Where's Waldo?' are enormously popular for their challenge to spot Waldo in a variety of different situations. However, as challenging as they can be, those books don't come close to "Where's the snake?" image. The challenge is to find a snake in the photograph that has already gone viral. Hidden in sight, the incredibly camouflaged skin snake has already stopped many eyes from blinking.  The picture was first shared on Twitter by a Florida-based PhD student, Sarah. She had put this image by writing: "Can you spot the snake?" in the caption. You can't see it in the pictures, right? Well, thousands of people from around the world took this challenge and failed drastically.   Let's start from the beginning and see if you're smart enough to spot the snake in the pictures below.  

The snake you'll see in the picture below is Copperhead.

Saw the picture? Well, now maybe you'll understand why it is hard to find this snake in a big ole' pile of leaves. The photograph is still hurting the eyes of thousands of people as they try hard to find it.  

The snake photograph that is puzzling the world.

The gauntlet was thrown by Helen, otherwise known as @SssnakeySci on Twitter. She wanted to know if people could spot the snake hiding in this image. As a professional herpetologist, she was happy to guarantee that there was a snake in between the leaves.     

The first (failed) attempt to find the snake.

The first person, to have a go at guessing where the snake was, was Shafiq. His response was funny, but sadly, it was also wrong. There is a real, live snake in the photograph but a lot of people were struggling to find it.  

People's reaction after failing at it.

Soon the shares and likes were mounting up on Helen's post. And the comments suggested that people were becoming a little frustrated at their inability to find the snake.

Mounting frustration to search snake.

The original tweet has over 3,000+ retweets and hundreds of replies from people struggling to find the snake.

Calling out for an answer.

Twitterati @geeoharee seemed to speak for thousands of people around the world. Why was the answer so hard to find? 

It is elusive snake.

Snake of the Copperhead species are venomous and mostly found in the East of North America. Its camouflage skin helps it to hide in the pile of leaves in the forest. 

Here's the snake in the leaves!

Even when you know it is there, and the photographer has marked out the spot, it is still pretty hard to find this Copperhead snake. 

And the blood in your body be like...

Some people have got frustrated after knowing the fact that snake was right there in front of their eyes, and they failed to spot it. 

Slithering away...

Thousands of Twitter users struggled to find the snake in the image.

If you had a hard time .....

Then, the next time when you go to the forest, make sure you tread lightly in the woods. 

No, no... Don't misunderstand. I am not trying to scare you.

See, it is a happy snake!

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