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14 Hilarious Illustrations Proving How Life Has Changed Over The Years

We've entered the 22nd century, and the world is changing every day. From technology progressing to people becoming more and more lethargic, this world is headed into an unknown abyss. We've got all the luxury in the world, but we can't even perform basic chores throughout the day because we're so lazy. The size of smartphones might be getting smaller, but the size of our bellies surely don't seem to be going down. But that doesn't mean we can't take a humorous spin to that as well. Giving it a wonderful turn, this cartoonist sketches some of the best problems we face coming into the 'developed' world, where life is dictated by social media, and we barely have time to pay attention to people sitting in front of us. Here are some hilarious situations you can relate to. 

1. When you were younger VS now. 

I still hate staying up late to do my homework but instantly cheer up when someone mentions 'party'. Apparently, one major difference would be the fact that we'd love to stay up late when we were young, but we can't just wait to get to bed at the end of the day now. 

2. When the world was delighted by McDonald's. 

Initially, our beloved McDonald's was opened up only in a few spots and we'd be so excited when our parent would take us to have a happy meal. 

3. Before Smartphones came into the picture. 

Our vacation photographs didn't involve awkward bikini selfies and actual smiling faces of our family. 

4. The text VS call scenario. 

People are opting for the easier and less complicated method of texting instead of actually calling people. 

5. Telivisions are getting compact while people are getting bigger. 

A world of couch potatoes! 

6. Video games have taken over actual games. 

No wonder kids hate to go out in the sun and play with their friends. 

7. Everything can be done on a computer. 

There's no need to get up from that damn computer chair. 

8. Everything is done to click selfies .

There's barely any meaning left to anything if you forget to take selfies while doing it. 

9. Dress code has obviously changed. 

A lot of exposing! 

10. Sharing?

Lesser people would want to 'share'.. 

11. Childhood fears do remain though. 

But they end up turning out to be in the form of bill payments.