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18 Facts You Didn’t Know About Chris Brown #14 Made Michael Jackson's Fans Cry

Chris Brown was born as Christopher Maurice Brown on May 5, 1989, in Tappahannock, Virginia. Chris Brown aka Breezy showed musical promise from an early age on. Chris started singing at local church choir, and talent shows from a very young age, and by the time he turned 15, Chris had already signed a contract with Jive Records.Chris' first self-titled album made it to the number 2 position on the Billboard 200 list selling over 3 million copies and the stamp of a double platinum label. Breezy has since then been recording and producing albums, but the sailing has not been smooth for him as Chris Brown landed in jail after he assaulted then-girlfriend Rihanna.Chris has steadily been working on building his music and acting career earning awards and accolades for his work and is undoubtedly one of the most controversial singers. Either you love him or hate him this fact is for sure, Chris Brown continues to get bigger than ever especially with his ‘Loyal’ streak.

#18 CB was discovered at a petrol station.

It’s a fact! The talented 13-year-old kid Chris Brown was hanging with his dad at a petrol station where his father was working, and it was at that station when a local production company discovered Breezy.

#17 Breezy was C-Syzle.

The first song Chris recorded is titled ‘When He Went’ and he recorded it when he was still in the school. The song has his name as C-Syzle on it, and it can be heard on the Internet. You can make out the voice of Breezy, the only difference is his voice hadn’t quite cracked then.

#16 Super Sweet 18.

MTV turned ‘My Super Sweet 16’ to ‘My Super Sweet 18’ when Chris Brown decided to throw two birthday parties when he turned 18. The first bash was exclusively for friends in a New York club and in the second one he invited his friends.

#15 CB is a proud owner of 14 Burger King restaurants.

Breezy let this surprising fact slip while giving an interview but didn’t elaborate much on the fact that the R&B singer is a proud owner of 14 different Burger King restaurants.

#14 Michael Jackson is Chris Brown’s biggest inspiration.

Chris Brown has never held back on the fact that how much the iconic pop star Michael Jackson inspires him. His dancing style is often compared to the late legend. During a tribute at the 2010 BET Awards while performing on ‘Man In The Mirror’, Chris fell to his knees and cried onstage.

#13 Brown is a talented graffiti artist.

Before Chris Brown shut his Instagram account (has another one set up now) he used to share loads of pictures of his incredible graffiti artwork.

#12 Brown was one of the executive producers for the movie ‘Takers’.

We all know that Chris Brown starred in the 2010 film ‘Takers’ as the bank robber Jesse Attica, but did you notice CB was one of the executive producers of the movie.

#11 Usher’s ‘My Way’ kick started Breezy’s career.

Chris Brown performed on the Usher song ‘My Way’ at his home and listening to it CB’s mom, Joyce Hawkins realized his vocal talent and started looking out for a record deal.

#10 Chris Brown’s tenth studio album is called ‘X’.

"It's the Roman numeral for 10. 5/5/89 is my birthday: 5 plus 5 is 10, and this is my tenth year since I got into music. 'X' is the 24th letter of the alphabet, and I will turn 24 when this album comes out. 'X' is also a metaphor, as in 'ex-girlfriend': it implies you're progressing and moving on in life, not holding on to the past and your old ways,” said Chris in an interview.

#9 Brown has his share of insecurities.

As famous and successful Brown is, he still has his insecurities. Brown is of height 6”1’ and is afraid of getting any taller than this. His biggest fear is that if he grows any taller than this he won’t be able to dance as well as his body wouldn’t move the same way.

#8 Breezy’s fourth album got him to number 1.

Brown’s first three studio albums ‘Chris Brown’, ‘Exclusive’, and ‘Graffiti’ charted at numbers 2, 4 and 7 but it was his fourth album ‘F.A.M.E’ that got him to the number 1 spot in the U.S. ‘Fortune’ his fifth album went on to the number 1 spot in both the U.S. and UK.

#7 CB declined a record deal from L.A. Reid’s Def Jam.

Chris brown had his first audition at the age of 13 in front of Def Jam’s Tina Davis and she took him straight to Reid’s office who offered to sign CB then and there. But Brown decided to go with Jive Records as they had Britney Spears and Justine Timberlake with them.

#6 Chris has been nominated 12 times for Grammy.

Chris Brown has been nominated 12 times for Grammy Awards, but has picked up only one trophy back in 2012. He won ‘Best R&B Album’ for ‘F.A.M.E.’.

#5 Brown assaulted then-girlfriend Rihanna.

On the eve of 2009 Grammy Awards, Chris Brown assaulted girlfriend Rihanna inside a rented Lamborghini on a Hollywood Street. Rihanna’s face was bruised and bloody and Chris was arrested and later released on $50,000 bail.

#4 Brown’s fan broke into his Agoura Hills home.

While Brown was away, a 21-year-old female fan broke into his Agoura Hills home vandalising the property. She was charged, and Chris Brown posted a note on his Instagram describing how the fan wrote "I love you" on the walls, prepared meals in his kitchen and painted her name on his vehicles.

#3 Chris Brown’s daughter Royalty was born in 2015.

Karrueche Tran ended her relationship with Brown as he had an affair with Nia Gonzalez that resulted in Chris Brown having his daughter Royalty in 2015. Brown had met Gonzalez when he was with Karrueche and all three partied together.

#2 Brown loves to collaborate.

Chris Brown loves to collaborate with other talented artists and has appeared on 90+ songs either as a guest or as a featured artist.

#1 Chris Brown is a man of multi talents.

Besides being a talented and successful singer, songwriter, dancer, and actor, CB is also an athlete and also a painter. Brown uses his music and painting as an outlet to get through the confusion. He enjoys painting murals and most of the profits his mural paintings make are donated to charity. He has been an exceptional basketball player and point guard since his elementary school days. When Chris was in his sixth-grade he was on the eighth-grade basketball team. He is a huge basketball fan and has not one, but two favourite teams; the Miami Heat and the Atlanta Falcons.That's all, folks!