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Facts About 'Blue Whale' Suicide Game That Every Parent Must Know 

Now when we already are aware of several suicide instances due to this game, it's our responsibility to get our kids away from this. Police in several countries are now issuing warnings over the dangers of the game as it has also been reportedly linked to many teen deaths in some countries. Games like this are not new, earlier in 2015, parents, teachers, and schools were warned against a game that promised contact with demons and spirits. It was called the 'Charlie Charlie Challenge'. Worried school parents have been sharing messages with each other via social media regarding this crazy dangerous game that could put your child in danger of committing suicide. Let's see what's this game is all about!

The chilling challenge!

It is said that, it is a 50-day challenge where each day the player is given the task. The end of the game is death.

Targets kids between the age group of 10 to 14 years.

The Blue Whale game reportedly targets kids between the age group of 10 to 14 years old.

Originated in Russia

The game allegedly originated in Russia, and news channels say that there were more than 100 suicide cases reported that had been linked to this 'sick game'.

The WhatsApp messages doing the rounds read as...

"Any parents out there or anyone that knows of any kids playing an online game called 'Blue Whale', please get your kids off this game. It sets them 50 challenges, and the last one is to commit suicide."

Daily challenges

According to reports, Blue Whale sets daily challenges such as cutting shapes into the skin, watching psychedelic horror movies, waking up in the middle of the night and the final challenge being suicide.

Gamers are urged to send photographic evidence!

Also in order to complete each challenge, the gamers are urged to send photographic evidence back to the game creators as proof or threats will be sent out.

The creators prey on young vulnerable teens!

It is believed that the creators of the game prey on young innocent, vulnerable teens online before asking the kids to download the application and take the deadly challenges. Once it's downloaded the user's phone is then hacked, and they can access all your personal details.

Police have issued warnings against the game.

Since the game has been spreading online among teens, police across Europe, Russia, Central Asia, North and South America have issued warnings against the game.

A Ukrainian girl threw herself off a bridge!

Concerns were further raised when an 18-year-old Ukrainian girl threw herself off a bridge onto a rail line in Portugal earlier in April. However, she survived the fall, suffering a broken leg.

Cybercrime expert Robert Muggah on the Blue Whale Suicide Game.

“For the last 10 days, the player needs to wake up at an appointed early morning hour, listen to music, and contemplate death. Those who get cold feet and want to leave the game receive threats, often that their parents will be killed.”

Unconfirmed reports of kids falling into this trap!

There are also some unconfirmed reports of kids from Russia, Kazakhstan, Estonia, India and Ukraine falling into this dangerous trap.

Authorities wants the game shut down!

Authorities around the world want the game to shut down before it makes its way across other countries.

Parents, beware!

Parents are also urged to watch for any signs with their vulnerable children and teens.

Dangerous games like this are not new!

Online games like this that dare young kids and teenagers into risky behavior is not new!

Charlie Charlie Challenge.

Earlier in 2015, parents, teachers and schools were warned against a game that promised contact with demons and spirits. It was called the 'Charlie Charlie Challenge', the game soon went viral over the Internet

How is Charlie Charlie played?

Two pens are placed on top of each other which creates a grid with four sectors that are labelled yes and no. The players then ask questions to the 'supernatural being' named Charlie by saying, "Charlie, Charlie, come play with me."

Awareness lectures held in schools to stay away from the Charlie Charlie Challenge.

Due to the dangers of the game, awareness lectures were organized in schools and students were told that the game was just a cinema trick and to avoid playing the game with friends.Help save young kids and teens from falling prey to such dangerous online games. Please do SHARE and help save a life!