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15 Incredible Pictures That Will Show You The Art Of The Holy Faces 

The God is omnipresent and we mortals muse in the way we worship the supreme power. We express our devotion in different ways, some of them visit the Church, some Mosques, some temples while others simply go into the act of deep introspection to feel the presence of the divine.The art and the architecture are the part of religion since ages; people allocate all their energy and creativity to build exotic monuments, statues, temples, etc.Since every religion has its art, the representatives of the every religion who are called saints, sadhus or priests differentiate themselves in the way they outline their clothing or do their hair style.Omar Reda, a photographer on his visit to Nepal and Bhutan, was captivated by the Hindu Holy men, the way they paint their faces. This practice is called Tilak on the forehead, which is the place of the third eye or the eye of wisdom.He has captured a lot of pictures and posted on his Instagram account, here is the compilation of such pictures. Have a look!

1. A Hindu holy man.

A sadhu is a religious ascetic, mendicant or any holy person in Hinduism and Jainism who has renounced the worldly life. Found throughout India and Nepal, they are seen in towns and cities and walking along roads with begging pots and staffs. They are respected by Hindus and given food in return for their blessings and prayers. These silent ones have been there for around 2000 years. The long haired ones are revered by Hindus as representatives of the gods.

2. It is believed that these sadhus smoke cannabis as these hallucinatory drugs bring them closer to God.  

3. Another sadhu who is stoned. 

4. Practicing yoga, by keeping his foot behind his head. 

5. They travel from India to Nepal to attend the festival at Kathmandu. 

6. Getting their face painted as an act of devotion. 

7. Becoming sadhu is considered as the fourth phase of Hindu life. 

8. Devoid of all attachments. 

9. Following the path of celibacy. 

10. They've abstained themselves from all sorts of relationships and possessions. 

11. In need of Vairagya, which means a desire to achieve something by leaving the materialistic world.