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Having A Soft Heart In This Hard World Is Courage, Not Weakness 

You came into this world as a soft soul where sometimes you were sweet as water and sometimes gentle as the earth while you also were wild like the fire and sometimes clear as the wind. But somewhere along the way maybe you realized or it was someone else who convinced you, that a soft soul would not survive in this hard-hearted world. You learned growing up that love is unconditional but again, were convinced that it is conditional and loving unconditionally would destroy you. You were convinced that a sensitive person cannot survive in this hard and sometimes cruel world and started going in the direction where everyone else was going, running away from being natural, running away from being adaptable, running away from being strong.You were born as a soft gentle soul, but somewhere along the way you were convinced that softness is a weakness and you started running away from it.(Images used are for illustration purpose only)

You started believing that being soft-hearted is a weakness.

You started believing that the magical, mystical, beating thing that is your heart is soft, and slowly and steadily it started becoming a burden and an inconvenience to you. 

Your own heart made you feel lost.

You started distrusting your own heart as it was this soft part of you that made you feel vulnerable and exposed.

You started following others.

You started building a wall around your gentleness and were applauded for doing so like the rest of them.

You thought you were making progress.

You started assuming that you were making progress, doing the right thing, going in the right direction until an experience changed your perspective.

Maybe it was something deep within you that rose again.

Maybe you saw someone lose something that they felt passionate about or maybe a few simple words or maybe a few flashing images awakened something so deep within you, something so elusive that you just couldn’t put a finger to. 

Soft is adaptable; soft is natural; soft is strong.

Being soft is not a weakness, but it is what makes you strong as soft is adaptable and soft is natural.

Something that just hit the right notes.

It hit you, but you simply couldn’t get in or even get through. It was then that you realized that you have locked yourself inside your hardness and now wish to break through.

How can something as soft as fire, water, wind and earth be so magical?

The fire started rising and the water started seeping in, the wind started whistling and the earth was shaking so hard it just ripped your core apart and it was then, at that moment that you felt an all-encompassing fear. 

You have to make a choice.

A fear so powerful that you started running from your own demons until the voices in your head started screaming and begging you hard to surrender and you realized you had a choice then and you still have a choice.

Give in to yourself.

When you yield to the inner calling and let yourself give in to the life-changing epiphany is the moment you start believing that being soft is being strong.

Soft is adaptable; soft is natural; soft is strong.

Being soft is not a weakness, but it is what makes you strong as soft is adaptable and soft is natural.

A person is born gentle and weak; at their death they are hard and stiff. 

All things, including the grass and trees, are soft and pliable in life; dry and brittle in death.

The hard and the stiff will be broken.

An army that cannot yield will be defeated. A tree that cannot bend will crack in the wind.

The beginning of transformation.

If you allow it to pass you will resurrect of what once was lost. You will be soft again.

Soft is the real you.

When you will remember to be soft again you will finally be free, be you.(The views and opinions in this article are author's only)