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11 Times Photographers Showed How To Capture 'Mother Nature'

With photography more prevalent than ever, people are seen divulging themselves more into this kind of art form. Gone are the days when people had to wait for the negatives to be developed. It just takes a computer's click to find an old click or get it printed. Today, photographers are equipped with one of the best cameras out there, and people don't need to worry about the camera roll. It's not the camera’s eye which makes the difference but the photographer’s eye through which they see the beauty in things happening around and capture it beautifully. 

December mornings on a foggy day.

Sunrise over Flecknoe, WarwickshireCaptured by Hamish Scott-BrownWhether it is seasons or destinations, this 'Mother Nature' compilation of photographer best shots will mesmerise you. While you go through the compilation, you'll see the amazing beauty which we only could see for one, these photographers have captured it for you to experience the same they once were a part of.

Lighthouse in awe of Mother Nature.

Storms at Penmon Lighthouse, AngleseyCaptured by Antony Zacharias

Magnificent hues in sky captured.

Northern LightsCaptured by Peter Jones

Star gazing redefined.

Abisko, SwedenCaptured by Nick JacksonAlso Read: The Moment You Realise These Aren't Photographs..!

Terrific storm approaching calmly.

Talisker Bay storm, Isle of SkyeCaptured by Antony Zacharias

Challenging your ecstatic goals.

Dolomites, ItalyCaptured by Kevin Grace

Milky way on your doorstep.

Laughton, East SussexCaptured by Gareth Norma

One of a kind woods.

OxfordshireCaptured by Ceri Jones

Skies brought on a single landscape.

Freiburg, GermanyCaptured by Anita Hummel

Grand canyon gets hit by lightning.

Canyonlands National Park, UtahCaptured by Carl Crumley.