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15 Illusions Which Prove That the Brain Can't be Trusted

Optical illusions are something that confuses our brain, and they have the power to make us think twice. Some of them are natural, and some are human-made.So, how to define an optical illusion? Well, according to me, it is something that we experience but does not exist. The visual illusions are created by the images which perceive the traits and are different from normal pictures, and which can cause a major headache.Below, we have gathered some of the mind-boggling illusions which look simple but, guys, they are not. They have the power to question your mind and also your thinking. Well, let's get started.

These dots look like they are changing the color. 

But focus on one and you'll notice they are not.

Stare at the cross in the center and then watch the blank spot.  

You will notice that the color is changing. 

This park looks like a giant 3D globe.

But actually... 

It is flat.  

Confusing it was, right?Now focus on the next one.

Are the sizes of both the oranges equal?  

 I don't think so.


They are of the same size.  

Stare at the yellow dot for 10 seconds, then bring your head closer to the screen, the pink rings will rotate. 

OMG, magic! It was literally rotating.  

Stare at this swirling image for 30 seconds, then scroll down.

Check the next one.

Now, look at this image from Inception.

I got confused at once, but then... 

One color from this image does not exist.   

Confused, right? Look it closely. 

Can you find two same color squares that are actually different? 

If 'NO', check the next picture out!

Here we helped you.

It was a tough one, right? 

Keep your finger between the horizontal divide, and you'll be like WTF!

How ridiculously interesting it is! 

Are you able to find a chessboard in this image? 

If not, then what did you find?

How many shades of colors do you see?

Common, I know you can do it!

Which one is the right pair of eyes? 

I'm confused, are you too?

I guess I don't have to give the instructions.

A picture is worth a thousand words.   

Stare at the four dots in the image and then look at the ceiling.

What did you see?