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15 Most Chilling Facts You Didn't Know About Hitler

There are many controversial theories about Hitler. But how many of us ever knew that he was sexually attracted to his niece?Well, not many of us know, and for the mere sake of letting people know of a few of these 'disturbing' facts, we are here with a list of things that you probably never knew about Hitler. Here you will find things that you had never known about him and will amuse you. Just like the fact that he was a confident, outgoing and conscientious student unless something miserable happened in his life and it transformed the Fuhrer into the person we recall now.

Priest aspirations

There was a time when Hitler wanted to become a priest, he even took singing lessons and sang choir in the church. But, in 1990 after his younger brother Edmund's death from measles, he became a morose, detached boy who had a lot of differences with his father and teachers.

Actual surname

When the name of Alois Hitler Sr. (father of Adolf) was registered as the son of Johann Georg Hiedler, the surname was mistakenly written as Hitler which means "one who lives in a hut". And, since then the surname has earned quite a name.

Artistic blood

Adolf wanted to become an artist, but his father wanted him to pursue his career in customs bureau and sent him to Realschule (a type of secondary school in Germany). His dream was to join a classical high school and he performed terribly in school in hopes that his father would withdraw him from the school and allow him to pursue his dreams.

Watery plans for Moscow

Apparently, Hitler's game plan for Russia was to turn the entire city of Moscow into a lake. 

Mastermind legacy

A woman created Hitler's bunker to protect him from attacks. The grandson of the same woman ended up creating Saddam Hussein's bunker.

Testicle loss

Hitler only had one testicle. He lost the other in the First World War.Source


A man who has been extremely violent in his life killing countless men and women never did animal cruelty. Hitler was a vegetarian.

42 assassination attempts

There were forty-two known assassination attempts on Hitler's life. He survived them all and then committed suicide.

Jewish crush

In days of youth, Hitler had a crush on a Jewish girl by the name of Stefanie Rabatsch. It is said that she didn't accept him, and this was why he hated Jews so much.

High on drugs

Despite abstaining from alcohol, Adolf took as many as 80 different drugs a day. One of them was crystal meth.

Sexual orientations

Hitler was excessively into his niece, Geli Raubal, possibly sexually.

Chocolate lover

Hitler would consume a kilo of chocolate a day.

Austrian origin

Hitler wasn't even from Germany. He was from Austria, which is kind of like Germany's Canada!

Farting machine

The Fuhrer had significant gastrointestinal issues and therefore farted a lot.

Injected bull semen

To get things going with his lady, Hitler would inject himself with bull semen.Strange Hitler!Updated by Cnishq