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Meet an Instagram Couple Who Earns Big Bucks Just by Travelling Together 

We dream of going out on vacation and then never coming back. Feeling positive and exploring the world, we desire to become an admirer of nature. However, for most of us, our dreams end every morning, as we wake up only to realise that we have some responsibilities to fulfil. But, this doesn't happen with Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen who are living the life of their dreams. Famously known as an Instagram couple, the duo travels around the world to promote brands and locations on Instagram.But wait! They're not just travelling but making huge money out of it. The Insta handle they have, has almost 3 million followers. Come on, let's have some of their gorgeous pictures. 

They've been dating for almost two years now, and their journey seems like it is never going to end.

They both are surely giving some relationship goals to couples out there. And after reading their story, I am sure you will end up willing to plan for the same. I have my tickets ready. ;)

According to travelandleisure.com, Jack and Lauren charge up to $9000 for promoting brands on their account.

Morris, who is from Manchester, UK, started jet-setting around the world when he was 21 years old.

While, Bullen was traveling around in her home country, Australia.

Both of them had been building their brand portfolios before they actually met in Fiji for a job.

Morris wrote in his blog post that...

"We got on so well from day one and were inseparable throughout the whole trip. On our last night in Fiji, I asked her to come to Bali with me, she said yes and we’ve been together ever since!" Morris.

When both of them are not working, they spend some time in Bali, Indonesia.

On Instagram, Morris conducted a Q&A session where his followers asked him some questions.

When asked, do you have a house or do you live out of a backpack?

Morris replied: Between 2012-16, I lived out of a backpack. I moved to new house in Bali, Indonesia with my partner Lauren in October 2016. It's a new and exciting chapter of my life.

One of his followers asked, how do you avoid getting sick? 

Morris said, "Both of us have a pretty strong stomach, so we don't get sick much. I guess, the more you travel, your body gets used to all the shit and your immune system gets stronger."

Another fan asked Morris, what was your dream job before you started traveling?

He writes, "I grew up obsessed with skateboarding and did it for almost nine years. I have been featured in some magazines, and a lot of brands sponsored me that time."

A fan asked Morris, will you ever settle down? If yes, then in which country?

Morris said, "Of course! But, I'm still not sure where. Currently, I live in Bali, Indonesia with love of my life. Future is unexpected, anything could happen. I don't plan much."

A random user on Instagram asked him, What is your favourite and least favourite thing about living on the road?

Morris said, "Favourite thing: I could do anything I want." and talking about least favourite things he said, "Not being able to see my family so often, they live in England."

When asked, how do you ensure that all your images look the same on Instagram?

Morris said, "I edit all my pictures in Lightroom (editing software) using my preset tools. So, I guess they all look same because of that."

When asked to share his favourite Instagram picture, Morris shared this one.