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10 Connected Historical Facts That Can Make Your Head Spin 

It is believed that the world works on connections and there is a “theory of synchronicity” that says all the events that take place are interconnected in some way or another, whether relevant or not. There are many such instances where one happening seemed to be influencing the another and if not the influence, we must at least agree upon the fact that the resemblance/timing forced us to at least consider it.And to justify this theory, I'm here with a few interesting historical facts that can turn your perception of time upside down. Get prepared for a very surprising read and try not to miss any of the pointers mentioned on this amazing list of events.

1. When the last mammoth disappeared, the oldest tree was already 1000 years old. 

Mammoth population got extinct in the 1650 BCE. So now, you may guess the age of this tree!


Bristlecone pines are said to be the oldest trees on Earth. They grow in the white mountains of California and are said to be 5000 years old. Mammoths have been extinct around 4000 years ago.

2. Startling comparison

When Jack the Ripper was released, Nintendo was discovered, and the Eiffel Tower was still under construction.

3. Train before cycle?!

In 1797, the first steam train was invented while the bicycle was patented 21 years later in 1818.

5. Can you understand the comparison?

The Kingdom of Italy came into existence in 1861 and in the year 1892, the first coca-cola drink was produced.

6. What a historic year!

In the year 1913, all these historical figures lived in the same city.

7. Top shocker!

Cleopatra lived nearer to the first moon landing than to the development of the largest Ancient Egypt pyramids.

8. Not to mean that Charlie hated apples

In the year 1977, the Apple company was founded, and in the same year, Charlie Chaplin died.

9. Harvard rocks!

The Harvard University established in 1636; before Isaac Newton published the laws of motion and gravity.