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18 Breathtaking Illustrations Showing What The Future Will Be Like 

Every man has a wild beast within him!- Frederik, The GreatYes, it is largely a matter of realizing it. And that wild beast, that I would like to tap is in terms of the line of thought and imagination. It is only when one thinks beyond their limits, that it is possible to surpass them.Your world is what you think of it to be. It will be when you try and broaden your horizons when you pluck the courage to move out of your comfort zone, that you will be able to see the latent potential that you have and the innumerable avenues that are waiting to be tapped by you! It is all about thinking wild, letting your imagination fly high and being open to new ideas and to always be in a state of acceptance. A person can only receive if he is ready to accept. With this, I would like to throw light on this digital illustrator and concept artist, Omar Gilani.

Galli cricket, amidst heavy urbanization, in near future!

Distinct. Dark. Optimistic. Unique. Futuristic. These are Omar's illustrations. He didn't think of relying on time to show him a future Pakistan, instead, he his imagination run free and came up with these expressive illustrations of Pakistan, a few decades from now! His illustrations are so stupendously amazing that each piece will feel like a masterpiece, and trying to shift your gaze will be guilt-triggering. I cannot wait to bring his extraordinary work to you guys, have a look, folks!

A roadside store even in the future will cure all your hunger pangs!

Omar Gilani's illustrations are everything that will leave you guessing!

A badass desert warrior, under the burkha?!

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The evidently visible stark contrast of life in a city.

Why roads, when we will have flying cars!

Now this is called wild imagination. 

Coz, LOVE is timeless, without any deadline. Revel in it, whenever you get the time.

These illustrations are propelling my imagination, now!

The backstage, backstreet tasks.

You've nailed this one with your humour, dude! The Pindi Lion! 

My imagination took-off with this one. MIND BLOWING!

God, this was heart-breaking!

A sci-fi Pakistan of the future.

A Peshawar of the future.

A cyborg cheerleader.

A touchscreen menu, on the table itself. The upcoming swag.

How search operations will be conducted in the future!

A sitar player, with four hands. Oh, what a melody will that be!

Having thrown light on the ubiquitous presence of technology, Omar has also tapped this omnipresent disturbance of us clinging to our past and chasing our future, and in the bargain, letting our present go haywire! He has also tried to bring about the contrast in our lives, while we drink alcohol and party, we drink milk for our good health as well, while we drink coffee from the mod coffee machines and also love to dine at the local street shops, he has tried to give a tinge of future, to the present. Visit his website, here.Remarkably extraordinary work Oman! WittyFeed is proud of you.