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10 Craziest Incidents that Happened Inside Airplanes

It looks like things are not always well with the passengers and the airline companies. We usually hear news emerging about funny, unusual and weird incidents on the flight.Airlines are allowed to overbook their flights because they assume that some passengers won't show up. Sometimes, it happens that all the passengers arrive and then the airlines ask them to give up their seats voluntarily.Let us know more about such unusual incidents on the aircraft.

United Airlines made the news when they dragged a man outside of the overbooked flight. 

The incident took place on the flight from Chicago to Louisville due to overbooking.The man (a doctor by profession) did not give up his seat because he was scheduled to work at the hospital the next day. During the process, the doctor was slammed against an armrest which caused severe bleeding from his mouth. 

United Airlines even tried to give an explanation of the incident.

United Airlines told Whas11 News, “Flight 3411 from Chicago to Louisville was overbooked. After our team looked for volunteers, one customer refused to leave the aircraft voluntarily, and law enforcement was asked to come to the gate. We apologize for the overbook situation.”

People roasted United Airlines for their behavior.

The shocking scene raised the questions regarding the overbooking of flight. The incident was unfortunate, and these types of things must be stopped.

People compared this situation with the famous quote from the movie, Rocky.

After the incident, the CEO of the airlines apologized.

Oscar Munoz, CEO of United Airlines apologized after the incident, but it has undoubtedly damaged their reputation.Let us take a look at more such incidents.

This is the second incident which took place on a flight in United Airlines in a month. 

In March 2017, United Airlines did not allow three female passengers to board the flight because they were wearing leggings. The incident took place at the time of boarding which was headed to Minneapolis from Denver.  

At that time also airlines explained their part. 

Whoever asked the questions to airlines regarding the incident they answered it by saying that the rules allow its airline personnel to stop the passengers from boarding who are not appropriately dressed. 

Flight attendant raps the safety instructions.

A flight attendant from Southwest Airlines rapped the pre-flight safety instructions. He entertained the whole cabin with his brilliant flow and creative rhymes. 

Founder of Virgin Atlantic becomes an air hostess. 

The billionaire founder of Virgin Atlantic, Richard Branson became the flight attendant of AirAsia in May 2011 after losing a bet from Tony Fernandes, founder of AirAsia.  

A woman asked for an unusual compensation. 

A woman named Kalisfena Egorova asked for compensation of more than $200,000 from China Eastern Airlines after a bag had fallen on her head. The incident took place on the flight from Beijing to Sydney in 2016.

JetBlue flight attendant incident.

An incident occurred on a JetBlue flight from Pittsburgh to New York City on 9 August 2010. A flight attendant named Steven Slater announced that he is quitting his job on the plane's public address system after a passenger abused him. The flight attendant insanely opened the emergency slide of the aircraft to leave.

The captain of United Airlines fell ill.

United Airlines has had many incidents, but this incident was very serious. The captain of a flight fell ill which had 136 passengers and was heading to Newark, NJ from San Francisco. The first officer of the flight diverted the aircraft to Salt Lake City to drop the captain for the treatment.

Passenger captures burning engine on camera.

A passenger of Transaero Airlines captured the burning flames on camera. The incident took place on a flight which was headed to Russia from Spain in 2014.

A crazy flight attendant.

A passenger named, Natalie Williamson claimed that her 17-month-old kid, Riley was picked by a flight attendant of Virgin Blue and put him into an overhead bin and locked it. The airlines admitted that the incident took place and after that, they sacked the flight attendant. 

A nervous mom makes hoax bomb scare.

A mother spread the rumor that there was a bomb on the 1Time flight from Johannesburg to Geroge. The woman issued the hoax because her daughter was boarding the plane and she was afraid. The incident was hilarious, but it was not clear why the girl's mum did not want her daughter to fly.That's all, folks!