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17 Historical Photos Which You Thought Never Existed     

History is full of incredible events, public agitations, wars and many unbelievable moments. We get to learn a great deal out of those events from our past. When we look back at the era now, it leaves us stunned.    Several horrifying incidents from the past are available in articles, pictures and other media. But for a story to be true, it needs to be judged from various angles. Images that emanate from the past as a proof of what human life has been through are a testimony to how far we have come.     Pictures speak more than words. It gives you the evidence of certainty of events. If history fascinates you, you will enjoy these memorable photos.           

#1 The best headline during World War II

Adolf Hitler, the leader of Nazi Party, killed himself by gunshot on April 30, 1945. His wife Eva also committed suicide with him by taking cyanide.    

# The old Hollywood sign (1923).

The 45-feet tall and 350-feet long HOLLYWOOD LAND was made on Mount Lee in Hollywood hill area of Santa Monica Mountains. It was created as an advertisement for local real estate development. The sign is protected and promoted by the Hollywood Sign Trust.     

#3 Women in Chicago were arrested for wearing short swimming suits. 

This photograph was taken in 1922 when a woman was arrested in Chicago for defying a ban on wearing short swimsuits in public.   Source

#4 Prostitutes buying cocaine from Koks Emil on street in Berlin. 

Koks Emil was found selling the drugs illegally. Behind him is his partner in crime keeping an eye on the police. This photo was taken in 1929.  

#5 Dance Untill You Drop!

See, how exhausted these couples look after taking part in Chicago Dance Marathon held in 1930.   

#6 Suicide at Wall Street, Manhattan.

Not just one, there were many 'jumpers' and the incidence was dubbed as, "The Jumpers of '29" by The Washington Post. The market brokers at Wall Street couldn't bear the financial crisis and ended their lives. The photo was taken in 1929.    

#7 Selfie. 

Selfie culture is very old. People have been taking selfies since 20th century. This photo is of 1910. 

#8 Opening ceremony of Woodstock, New York. 

Woodstock Music and Art Festival was a rock music and art festival. The original Woodstock festival of 1969 is considered legendary by many.  

#9 Slave Auction.  

Slaves were auctioned at a large scale in March 1859 in Georgia. About 436 slaves were put on the auction block, which including men, women, children and infants. 

#10 Sunset Strip.  

The Sunset Strip is the name given to 2.4 km stretch of Sunset Boulevard that passes through West Hollywood, California. It extends from West Hollywood's eastern border at Havenhurst Drive to Beverly Hills at Sierra Drive. This image is of 1979. 

#11 Mussolini's headquarters, the office of Italian Fascist Party. 

It was not always covered up like that. This set-up was displayed for 1934 elections in which Italians were called to vote either for or against the Fascist representatives. The SI SI lettering (meaning Yes, Yes ) was a propaganda. Back then, people didn't vote for a particular party or a candidate. They put 'Yes' or 'No' on the single list of candidates presented by Mussolini himself.   Source   

#12 A risky job.

Window cleaning in New York. This picture was taken in 1933. 

#13 The hipster culture.

Skinheads and Hippies in Piccadilly Circus, London, in 1969.     

#14 Separate services.

An American-African family purchasing ice cream from an isolated corner of an ice cream parlour in Alabama in 1956.  

#15 Football match between the enemy armies during the truce.

Football match between Britishers and Germans during Christmas truce at the time of World War I.  

#16 Demolition of Berlin Wall

The movement that began to bring the Berlin Wall down boosted the feeling of brotherhood and unity. This photo was taken in 1989.   

#17 Bob Marley with Miss World

Bob Marley, the Jamaican singer-songwriter, musician and guitarist on the beach with Miss World Cindy Breakspeare and mother of Damien Marley.  Marley died in 1981.  Image Source: Imgur  Feel free to share.