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These 21 Hysterical Tweets About Pregnancy Will Give You Chuckles  

Pregnancy is hard work. In fact, to be honest, pregnancy sucks for many women. Sure it is still a very small price to pay to bring your bundle of happiness into this world but it does not feel like such a low price when you can't sneeze without peeing your pants, or you keep throwing up every morning. While being pregnant is a divine and a blissful experience that every woman 'must' undergo at least once in a lifetime, the problems it comes with can be demanding and at times funny.If you are expecting a baby or are already a mother, you will have a good time reading this light-hearted piece.Check out this list for a funny collection of tweets for all the moms out there.

#1 Aww... so cutely surprising!

#2 Haha I bet it's not 'that' funny!

#3 That's a good suggestion!

#4 Only a woman who had been pregnant can understand this!

#5 LOL! Kids always have an honest opinion.

#6 I won't try this at all!

#7 Now who even asks this!

#8 Because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

#9 Savage reply!

#10 The innocent lies!

#11 The men who say this are not men, I suppose!

#12 I bet she hasn't met the good fellas!

#13 Whoa! This was something different.