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A Boa Snake In Brazil Tries To Eat A Porcupine, Regrets Instantly

We come across a lot of snake videos where they eat an animal and are pretty satisfied with their meal. It is the animal kingdom that we are talking about, after all.  But there are very few animals who go for the kill and regret it later. It seems like they are animals with a lack of self-control. 'Eat or be eaten' is the motto of the animal kingdom, but eat and repent seems like a new one. Especially if it is a slimy and dangerous reptile on which many scary movies are made (remember Anacondas?).A Boa constrictor, which is a snake known for being poisonous was seen in a terrible condition after hunting a porcupine and eating it. What made the snake this way? Why did it go for a porcupine out of all the animals that could have been hunted, in the first place? It's too late to ask the snake but you can witness the entire scene which was filmed in Brazil. The video quickly attracted a lot of people. 

Predator vs. prey

The snake that can grow up to 13 feet in length ate a porcupine. Looks like the predator didn't choose his prey wisely.


This video was shot in Brazil where the locals saw the snake in pain. 

It was being recorded

It was as if they were watching a baby cry for help.

Boa constrictor

A boa constrictor is counted as the most deadliest of the snakes.

A natural killer

They can grow up to a length of more than 13 feet and are highly venomous. They usually hunt their prey and squeeze them to eat. 

Must've hurt!

Along with being venomous, it's another quality it to constrict the preys (hence the name) until they're lifeless. It turns out squeezing a porcupine wasn't a good idea.