Are You Among That 1% Who Can Spot The Assassin In This Optical Illusion?

You know what optical illusion is? It is a visual stimulus that is perceived by our eyes and comprehended by the brain in a way that is different from reality. It can also be defined as something which deceives the eyes by appearing to be other than what it actually is.Although we all are endowed with similar brain skills, only a few of us are involved in thinking and using it efficiently. Also, not everybody perceives things in the same manner. So bring out your brains from the hibernation mode as here I have an image (based on optical illusion) for you, which would test the level to which you are able to apprehend the picture.Can you spot the adversary before he shoots? Are you in the 1% who are able to identify the rival?Stop wasting time, he has got a gun... so catch him before he shoots you!

You have to find the hidden assassin.

Well, the direction towards which the shooter is pointing is very perplexing. So, stop tracking by the gun! You should instead start searching for the assassin behind those four persons or behind the trees or maybe if he is caught in the picturesque view, you should look for him in the background.Enough of the hints... you can take over now.

Scan and inspect deeply!

This classic illustration has been creating a sensation around the internet.

I know it's hard but you gotta try at least.

Let me reveal it now!

There you go... he is hidden behind the trees.