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Ever Wondered Why Britain Uses Separate Hot And Cold Taps?

While simply stumbling upon YouTube I came across an interesting video, especially for the Britons or all those you're planning to visit Britain shortly. We all know that the modern washrooms are equipped with the separate valves for the hot and cold water but in a single tap. You'll be surprised to know that since 1940, the houses in Britain have got the mixer taps.We understand that getting the right temperature of water, running via two taps. However, after knowing the reason in the story ahead, you'll probably never want to wash your hands with hot water in Britain again.

Mixer tap is an incredible invention that seems to have passed Britain by the separate hot and cold taps.

Well, isn't that a savior? A much-needed thing to lessen down the hassle. Not to forget the fact that hot water was added later to most of the houses. 

This is because most of the old British houses have cold water storage tank up in the attic which can hold about 250 liters of water. 

Well, that's some number. No

This, in turn, feeds the hot water storage tank that's for the central heating.

It is entirely not safe for drinking because of the impurities present in the cold water storage tank.

And this regulation stated the same.

The cold water which flows directly from the mains is considered as potable water.

So, here we have one technically wholesome safe drinking cold water, 

And the other certainly safe but not legally safe for drinking.

But these days, we have a latest shiny bit of technology that heats up the water and is considered safe.

Fancy, eh?