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Student With 500 Birthmarks Defies Bullies To Become A Model

Our childhood is undoubtedly the best part of our lives. The carefree ventures, the undivided love and attention we get from friends and family; this is what the childhood is about. But as we start our school years, all those beautiful moments turn into bitter-sweet memories. Teasing and name-calling are what makes high-schools a scary place to be at.  School life was no different for this girl. The student was cruelly called 'Dalmatian', and even 'Alien' because she has over 500 birthmarks on her body.  Alba Parejo, 16-year-old from Barcelona, Spain, has Congenital Melanocytic Nevus (CMN). This is a condition that means her entire body is covered in moles and large patches of darkened, hairy skin.  What she went through and endured was sad. But that didn't stop her. What this amazing and beautiful girl underwent, is an inspiring tale in itself. So, let's check it out.    

A rough start

She suffers from Congenital Melanocytic Nevus, a rare disease, that resulted in having over 500 of these marks. Children with CMN are born with large, dark patches of skin that form ‘satellite’ moles across their bodies.   

What she thought? 

But her disease didn't stop her from smiling with her innocence. She wasn't gonna stop living her gorgeous life, she thought. 

Hard times

Schooling wasn't easy for Alba with her birthmarks. Image source: Instagram

A 'monster'

She admits that while growing up, she felt like a 'monster'. She was called a monster by some people. Source

Brutally bullied

She was brutally bullied for having skin like a 'Dalmatian' or 'an Alien.' 

Embracing the beauty

A couple years ago, she took the important decision to accept her birthmarks and become confident while having them. 

Tell her own story

After years of struggling, she bravely decided to share her story and bare her skin to the world.

The social platform

She posted pictures of her skin online and received nearly 1,000 retweets and 1,500 likes. 

Positive response

The positive response gave her the courage and motivation she needed. 


And she decided to enter a competition to become the public face of woman empowerment campaign.  

And now...

... she is featured on billboards, buses and in newspapers.  

Her aim  

She says, "I love it when people tell me I have changed their life for the better, for that reason I want to keep showing myself. I want to make people accept that we are all different and we don't have perfect bodies."  

Living a beautiful life

Alba Parejo, down-casting all the criticism she faced, has started modelling and doing photo shoots for her career.  

How does she feel? 

“I feel much more body positive and am trying to make my disease more well known… to help other people,” she wrote online.  

Angelic Beauty

Alba just keeps rising above her difficulties and empowering others, and we hope she never stops.  

Ravishing Beauty 

Her's is an ever wonderful story that clearly holds the message of embracing and loving oneself. Especially, one should never forget to smile, even in the face of adversities.Share this powerful story with your friends.  Source