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26 Perfectly Timed Dog Pictures That Will Leave You Laughing

A dog is man's best friend and his most selfless companion. Dogs love you and expect nothing in return, but love. They are not materialistic, they don't need any jewelry, or money, just your affection. They know when you are sad, or down, and they come to you and cuddle you. Or when you are happy and peppy, they come and play with you. They sense you and react accordingly. How can anybody not like them? It doesn't matter if you are a cat person or a dog person, or even a normal human, but these pictures will certainly crack you up. Their cute faces, paired with childlike innocence and timing, make it practically impossible for anyone not to like them. Here are 26 most perfectly timed dog pictures, some of which are photoshopped, that will tickle your funny bone, and leave you laughing! Have a look. And enjoy.  

Is it a flying furball? No, it is Super Dog!

Think of some magic act when a magician waves a magic wand and legs disappear. 

Two-headed? Look closely!

Look closely. The other dog is standing between the person's legs.  

Well, that is inappropriate!

I wonder what he is looking for.

What a dive, ehh?

A half-hearted attempt at making a perfect dive in the swimming pool.

Coincidence? I think not!

When our moves match, results are worth gazing at.

Ah! Those Kylie-Jenner-lips.

This is what you call lip-smacking! Or how else you describe it? 

Sniff, sniff!

Following a surreal mate. But this dog doesn't seem to get this. No darling, that is not real.

"Everybody was Kung-Fu fighting"

It must've hurt. But this pooch doesn't seem to know this.

I never saw it coming, and then it hit me!

Poor guy is quite slow at playing 'Fetch'.

"Look, Mommy. I got new ears"

A perfect placement of baby against the pet dog.

Hi, I am dog head. Nice to meet you!

I am floating dog-head. How may I help you?

Wait, is there a tail?

Dogs do have tails. But what about them in this picture?

Just chillin, and fishin!

"I'm just taking some time out fishing, What you been up to?"

I am pretty sure, the dog body has a human head!

On the same mental wave length? It is possible when you love your pet dearly. 

Is it a dog?

This dog learnt his moves straight from the heaven - walking on water like that.

Why is it getting bigger? Oh wait.

"What'd you throw at me, hooman?"

I have pretty hair!

Oh, those golden, lustrous hair! #HairdoGoals

"Don't touch the loops! Don't touch the loops! Don't touch the loops!"

The flying adorable ball of fluff!

"Hey eagle, you're here to get me?

... but you will not succeed. I am beyond your reach." 


Breathing fire was not so easy before.

"I want my usual. Daniels with 2 rocks."

It was tough day, please don't judge me!


Wait until the bubble bursts.

I am growing into my body ....

... like never before. Trust me!

Giraffe? Dog? Who knows?!

Haha, Looks like it's one dog with his neck beyond proportions.