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Russian Fisherman Is Terrifying People By Posting Gruesome Photos Of Deep-Sea Creatures

It is said that the much we have explored the universe, our oceans are yet not discovered as much. We have always known about the creatures that live in the sea. But have you ever known about the deep-sea creatures that lurk in the dark depths of the oceans - on the sea-bed where even the fraction of lights can't reach?Russian fisherman Roman Fedortsov has been criticized widely for his bizarre and horrifying photographs of deep-sea creatures which he took and posted them on the internet. But what most people fail to realize is that those are a regular sight for the fisherman.Fedortsov works on a fish trawler in Murmansk located in the northwest of Russia. His photographs have invited a lot of Netizens that love bizarre nature. So take a look at the creatures that reside in the dark depths of the seas and are best left undisturbed!

A translucent fish

These creatures live in the dark depths of the seas, where even the sunlight can't possibly reach. Due to some reasons, most of these species are not able to develop skin-colors - like this one.

A crab from nightmares

This crab looks like he's back from the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' shoot.

Let them be

However scary these images seem, people have shown both aspiration and hostility to these pictures. They say that where these animals survive, are very specific conditions and they shouldn't be disturbed from the micro-ecology they belong to.


But there are people who love these images a lot. This one makes it look like these spiny lumpsuckers are on to something.

Happy or hungry?

Can't say if it's smiling or is just hungry.

A beltfish

A single bite from those crooked teeth might be enough to  leave you devastated.

A hell-ish creature from the deep sea

Seriously, what is up with these deep sea creatures and their freaky teeth?

This creepy fish, trying to be adorable

As we can see, not all of these fishes are out there looking like they'll kill you. Like this one - just trying best to look adorable (failing at it, though)!

Growing strong

This poor thing looks like it's still young and needs to stay in the dark for a quite a while.

'Pretty Please??'

This fish looks like it's trying 'Puppy Dog Eyes'... And it's quite good at it. This is probably the cutest thing in the list. (If you didn't find it that way, Good luck ahead!)

"Say 'Aaaa'!"

Somehow, the redness of this fish is freaking me out!

Count Dracula

That's a pout before it suckles on you for your blood - at least that's what it looks like.


The Promachoteuthis Sulcus is a rare squid which appears to have human-looking teeth. *Shudder*

A wiggly 'Patrick'

This starfish looks like it would just jump on his face and eat it off.

'It's Obsidian... Not Black'

I am sure it is something whose size would fool you.

'Leave me alone'

Those teeth and the wrinkles on this 'Wolffish' suggest that it's really pissed off!

A natural-born hunter

With its snout like that of a Goblin Shark, I'm guessing it is a skilled hunter of the deep dark ocean.

A Halibut

Out of all these creatures, the only one I have seen in textbooks was this one. Though, I remember doubting how could a fish have eyes o the same side of the body? Know I know that the books weren't wrong. Still feels weird, though.How did you like the collection? To find more such freaks of nature, you can follow Roman Fedortsov on his Twitter and Instagram handles.Let us know your thoughts in the comment section. And share this article with your friends.