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15 Top International Destinations For A Dream Wedding  

Most couple these days look to do something different at their wedding. Instead of spending too much moolah on their wedding and inviting scores of people, many brides and grooms are opting to marry at beautiful destinations, far away from their home.  Whether you’re getting hitched in a private ceremony on a remote island or declaring your commitment in front of family and friends at an exotic locale, the destination wedding of your dreams is just a bus, train, boat or plane ride away.  If you are planning the wedding of your dreams then ask your guests to save the date and place, as here are 15 international destinations that would add some extra charm and fun to your beautiful wedding day.

#15 US: Outer Banks, North Carolina

Why here: A string of barrier islands covering nearly half of the North Carolina coast, the Outer Banks region is a beautiful 130 miles of open, unspoilt beach. The wonderful serene setting makes you feel as if you are in a private retreat. Let the beautiful beaches of historical Nags Head or Kitty Hawk or Hatteras Island; the picturesque Roanoke Islands; the oceanfront beach homes; the statuesque lighthouse; rustic open peer setting witness two people committing a lifetime to each other.When to wed: The weather is at its best in June during summers but the traffic is crazy, and so are the prices. Temperatures are unpredictable during spring, but the beaches are still pristine. Fall offers incredible sunsets but is the hurricane season. That leaves you with winter but requires extra planning as many businesses close for the season. 

#14 Philippines: Boracay

Why here: With over 7,000 islands to choose from, the options for a dream come true destination wedding are immense. But Boracay is where you should say, 'I Do'. A tropical island surrounded by stunning white sand beaches with clear blue waters, the main strip is only about a half-mile long. Hire a boat to take your wedding party to the secluded private beaches perfectly suited for a cosy intimate wedding.When to wed: The dry season of November to May known as Amihan is the perfect season to get hitched in Boracay as the beach is calm and makes it suitable for your guests to enjoy beach activities but with increased prices. But it is still affordable. Habagat, the rainy season of June to October is windy when typhoons are common. 

#13 Mexico: Cancun

Why here: With more than 6,000 miles of gorgeous coastline with beaches on the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea in the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west, Mexico can be your dream wedding destination as it offers everything to add to your all inclusive destination wedding. Cancun, with its golden beaches and perfect climate, is the premiere coastal destination in Mexico. Plenty of tequila, fantastic food, friendly people and besides this Yucatan paradise is also the gateway to the ruins of Tulum and Chichén Itzá.When to wed: The best season to get married in Mexico is between December and April, when there is virtually no rain. The coolest months are between December and February, while the wet season begins in the south in May and lasts until October. You will find less crowd between September through mid-October and March-April with slashed prices and better services. 

#12 Dominican Republic: Puerto Plata

Why here:One of the most affordable destinations for a beach wedding with astounding nature, rich culture, intriguing history and friendly people, the ‘Silver Port’ region packs in all the Caribbean dreams. Beautiful beaches, spectacular scenery, a night-life to keep you buzzing for weeks, throw in a visit to a cigar factory for your guests to add an extra dose of smokin’ fun to your wedding.When to wed: Peak wedding season falls during the off-season making it all the more affordable and fun for your cheap destination wedding. But yes, June-September can be hot and humid and it is the season of the hurricanes. March-May is pretty decent and July-August is pretty crowded.  

#11 Norway: Trondheim

Why here: Head for the Northern Lights if you wish your wedding night just wouldn’t end. Dance the night away under the beautiful lights while the sky is still lit in the morning. Picture yourself with your would be husband, taking vows on top of the Kristiansten Fortress or on the Old Town Bridge also called the Love Bridge that has a unique European charm. Treat your guests to authentic Norwegian cuisine and a totally crazy experience including hiking to a glacier and skiing the majestic mountains. When to wed: Summer (June to September) is relatively warmer but still pleasant for outdoor activities while Spring (March-May) and Autumn (October-November) are also good seasons to get married but Winters (December to February) can be chilly.  

#10 Turkey: Bodrum

Why here: Your wedding party will feel intoxicated as soon as they enter the city of Bodrum because of the scent coming from the spice market that envelops the city. Spoil yourself and your partner with Turkish massage in Hammam, charter a luxury gulet and as the sun takes a dip in the beautiful water exchange your lovely vows on the deck making it your make-shift altar. Sail straight into the Mediterranean for your destination honeymoon while your guests enjoy the astonishing view with Turkish food and other delights.  When to wed: Bodrum enjoys a Mediterranean climate of long, hot summers, pleasant spring and autumn months, and short, mild winters. July to September are the best months to enjoy the Mediterranean hospitality but prices go up, as this is the peak season. April, May and October are the time when very few visitors can be seen in Bodrum.  

#9 Costa Rica: Osa Peninsula

Why here: Yogis in the zenned-out eco lodges and surfers enjoying the radical waves! Combine both the fun for your wedding party at the part beach, part rainforest, but all beautiful Ola Peninsula. Nature tours, relaxing spa treatments, surfing and an unforgettable setting to take your wedding vows is what you can enjoy in the western coast of Costa Rica.When to wed: Dry season, from January through April, is the best time to visit with your wedding party as its reliably sunny weather. But, it is expensive then. For the best value, get married in the green season, from May to September. 

#8 Rome: Italy

Why here: Weddings are a romantic affair and when Rome comes in the picture it adds to the celebrations. Here is what you get. The charming villas, beautiful Renaissance statues in lush gardens, throw in an excursion tour to Vatican or St. Peter’s Basilica, lovely food, beautiful people, heady wines and customised bottles of olive oils for guest at the wedding party. When to wed: June-September is the busiest time of the year as tourists from all over the world come to visit the Eternal City. During October-March the prices drop suddenly as it is virtually cleared up of all the crowds. If you wish to get married when the weather is pleasant and prices haven’t yet gone up, then April-May is the time.  

#7 Croatia: Dubrovnik

Why here: Your wedding party would never forget the gorgeous shade of blue surrounding the mesmerizing Dubrovnik. A sight to behold for all your wedding guests as the destination wedding photographer would just be clicking away the wedding pictures in this beautiful city nestled between Slovenia and Bosnia that is influenced by both Italian and Latin cultures while still holding its strong Croatian heritage. Plan a day trip for the wedding party to the nearby archipelago of Elaphiti Islands or simply enjoy the Mediterranean bays.When to wed: September and October are the months when temperatures aren't stifling hot. Prices dive from October through April, but so will the temperatures and the beach appeal. So,take your pick.

#6 India: Udaipur, Rajasthan

Why here: The city of lakes is the perfect setting for a traditional royal wedding making Udaipur a renowned Indian wedding destination. Grand palaces and forts, heritage hotels, majestic settings offer the perfect backdrop for your dream destination wedding. Let your wedding guests have a taste of the royal treatment at the ultimate place of royalty. When to wed: Mid- September to mid-March are the best months to enjoy a grand royal wedding as the winters start setting after rains. Udaipur is coldest during November to January. so if you are looking for a royal winter wedding then now you know.

#5 Spain: Santiago De Compostela, Galicia

Why here: If you are looking for the perfect church then Galicia in Spain is where you should hit for your destination wedding as it is home to a nearly millennia-old cathedral that is stunning. But the historic site has a long waiting list. So, you will have to plan in advance. Galicia with its Celtic connection, wild beaches, amazing food and historic sites can be the perfect setting for your magnificent wedding.When to wed: The maritime climate with warm summers and mild winters with cloudy days and rainfall can be unpredictable so ask for wedding guests to come prepared for rain, cool nights and hot days. 

#4 South Africa: Drakensberg

Why here: Fantastic vineyards, stunning countryside, panoramic views of the Drakensberg Mountains will give your traditional wedding a beautiful story. Don’t just stop the celebration at the beautiful quaint stone chapel or at the traditional feast that reflects the South African culture. Take your guests for an ultimate wildlife expedition.  When to wed: Winters can get very cold and summers offer dramatic thundershowers so the best time to get married in the lap of Drakensberg Mountains is either Spring (September to November) or Autumn (March to May). 

#3 Europe: Ireland

Why here: If a fairytale wedding is what you have always dreamt of then Ireland is where you should be as it is the ideal destination for such an idea. Oceanside cliffs, quaint seaside villages, grand castles, country manors, lush green gardens and your chariot awaits you to be a part of the most romantic and dramatic setting. A mix of culture, museums, pubs and golfing would be enough to keep your guests busy in between.When to wed: Although short showers are common throughout the year, you can catch the best weather between May to September. Prices and crowds tend to be lower from October through March and you already might know it but we’ll give you a fair start here, St. Patrick’s Day is a big deal so you’d want to avoid that time of the year.

#2 Asia: Thailand

Why here: Locals do not call this South Asian Kingdom as “sanuk” (fun) for no reason. Ornate palaces, rich coral reef, amazing seafood, beautiful culture, lovely beaches with crystal-clear water, Koh Samui and Phuket are some of the islands where couples take the long trek to Thailand to say their “I Do”. Throw in some Bangkok cosmopolitan fun for your guests en route your chosen destination with its notorious red light district to jazz up the wedding party.When to wed: The official dry and cool season is from November to January and warm summer lasts from February to May while the rains hit from June to September and if looking for a winter wedding then November to February it is. 

#1 US: Las Vegas, Nevada

Why here: Elvis impersonator officials, drive-through chapels, nuptials at the casinos, the Sin City is the perfect place to have a fun-filled wedding that would leave your guest asking for more and some even broke (because of all that gameplay and betting). But besides all the wild fun there’s a different side to Las Vegas in the US with the bold ballrooms, chic restaurants, beautiful pool-side setting and thousands of venues and packages in every budget to make your destination wedding an event to remember.   When to wed: Avoid summers and hit the Sin City when the summer sizzle cools off in September and October. Avoid the holiday season, Valentine week, big-deal sports weekends and times when big events are lined up to get good deals.