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22 'Like Mother, Like Daughter' Pictures That Are Simply Heart-Melting

Most women dream of having a baby girl. I have the same dream too. They wish to buy pretty perfect clothes for their daughter, teach them how to do their hair and even how to click selfies (coz modern days just demand that). Not to forget, cooking together when they grow up and even styling together for any occasion. Having a daughter is a bliss and we have collected some pictures of mothers and daughters having fun together. All these pictures taken from different sources are a proof that daughters, mothers, craziness, and photography, all these join to become something we can cherish for a lifetime.Have a happy read!

1. Now that's what you call a picture. 

The pictures from here onwards will only keep getting cuter.

2. This is so beautiful. 

3. A mother-daughter relationship should be like this. 

4. WOAH!!


5. Brilliant. 

6. Haha! This is too cute. 

7. That baby does it better. 

8. Isn't this shot award-winning? 


9. A kiss forever. 

10. Haha! I would die for that expression. 

11. Like mommy like daughter. 

12. To have and to hold. 

13. Because mommy showed her tummy like this. 

14. She flies with her own wings. 

15. Because mommy wishes to stay fit. 

16. Sincerely us in winters. 

17. My mommy is so hot. 

18. Yes, I love her. 

19. Haha, sleeping like we are twins. 

20. Blowing away kisses like confetti. 


21. Laughing our heart out together.