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This Husky-Pomeranian Pup Is So Adorable That People Simply Aren't Able To Get Over It

The kind of love dog lovers carry around in their hearts is simply amazing. It's really heartwarming to see people be so loving to an animal. And what's even more beautiful is to see the animal reciprocate back this love towards humans. It's this unique chemistry that men and dogs have between them that makes it possible for a unique bond to exists between the two, and it's no surprise that whenever an adorable pup comes around, we see countless people going head over heels for him.With the advent of social media, it's become even easier to see how obsessed people can be with something or someone. And the latest example of this has to be the kind of obsession people are showing towards a Husky-Pomeranian mixed-bred pup named Norman, who has gathered followers close to 0.1M on Instagram in a very short time. And people simply don't seem to be able to get over him.Wondering what's so cute about him? Well then, scroll down and check it out! 

Hah! Get ready for a husky ride!

And let him lick you all over!

This is Norman the Pomsky

He's a mixed-bred Pomeranian-Husky.

He was adopted by Rachel and Matt.

They even created an Instagram account for him.

The internet community instantly fell in love with him!

Today, his account has 90.3 K followers.

He might not be unique in any sense.

But the kind of response he's getting is totally unheard of.

Dog lovers have gone head over heels for him.

And their obsession doesn't seem to be decreasing a bit.

But just look at him...

Is it really such a surprise that people are going crazy for him?