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13 Screenshots Of Cheaters Getting Caught In The Act

Cheating is among the most unforgivable relationship mistakes. It's becoming an inevitable part of every relationship because partners demand so called "space" which if not provided, leads to betrayal. Men have mastered the art of not getting caught but women are no less. No one likes a cheater, and there's no greater satisfaction than seeing one get caught red-handed. Social media shaming, hidden cameras, window escapes are brimming the Internet with cases of cheaters and liars and the best part is the posters and quotes of hefty doses of Karmas their partner post which is even more hilarious to watch.If you're unhappy with your partner, just pack up and get out! Moreover, there's mostly a 99% chance that the truth will come out eventually—you won't be able to cover up your lies forever. With that being said, here's a roundup of screenshots that show cheaters who played themselves and just ended up getting busted.

#1. True Modern Warfare. Well Done!

Hide your games, hide your controllers, because she's breaking everything out here. Though, what kind of an idiot tries to hook up with someone at a party when their partner is there?

#2. Cheating On A Test, Cheating With A Brother.

Who cares enough about cheating on a test to write a confession about it, though? Play stupid games, win stupid prizes, tbh. Disclaimer- kindly ask everything before you reply.

#3. When Your Ex Is A Poet.

Lesson learned here: Block your ex, or else they will make sure you realize what you've done. One such revenge is to send stupid poems.

#4. The Football Game.

Could've avoided that miscommunication by including the football game in the first text, but then they wouldn't have found out about the cheating.

#5. Dad, Boyfriend, Whatever—Tales Of A Careless Texter.

Pay closer attention to your text messages, or else you'll text your boyfriend the things you meant to text your dad. (Or vice versa).

#6. Nothing Can Beat This One And Who Would Deny After Looking At This Pic?

Well, women know very well when and what to do to seduce men. This lady just got it right. How many of you believe that this guy said YES after receiving this picture?

#7. In For The Long Con With A New Partner In Crime.

Approaching savage mode with this strategy. The only way to achieve savage mode is to befriend the other guy and make sure she finds out that you're cool with each other.

#8. What A Goon! Again, Check Your Text Messages Before You Send Them.

Really, what? Who would just immediately admit to something like this? Seriously, make up a lie about anything. Amateur hour with this one.

#9. Bad Bad Daddy!

Seriously? How can you trust your daughter for not telling your wife? Beware all the Dads.

#10. Never Ever Lie To Your BF!

It's way better to call your friends for an outing rather than texting, because excitement leads to this... 

#11. You Can Never Be That Dumb!

These conversations have to click your mind, something is wrong wifies.....

#12. Two Brothers Should Never Stay Together.

We can understand what Mark would have gone through.Take revenge Mark!!

#13. Man, Think Twice Before Texting Your Gf's Bff

How can you even think of asking out your gf's Bff? That s a big NO NO.