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Ever Wondered Why Dogs Lick Everything?

Dogs are sweet and adorable. They're always there with you in every thick and thin. They greet you when you reach home either by jumping, barking, licking or wiggling. Though the most common form of gesture is by licking your face, hands, feet (if you aren’t wearing shoes) and every other place the dog can gain access to before they're told to stop.Sometimes, dogs lick their own paws and private parts due to some allergy or infection. This is the way they're indicating you to take them to a vet. I think by now, you have a fair understanding of the fact that it is important for us to know why they lick where they lick.Head on to the story, to know that the dogs are born to lick, and there are important reasons why!

This is why dogs lick face! Call it a doggy kiss!

According to Victoria Stilwell, a renowned dog behaviour expert, "when dogs lick, pleasurable endorphins are released, which brings feelings of pleasure and comfort, much like physical exercise or other stress-relieving activities do for people. More obvious is the fact that you might or could have bacon crumbs or some other delicious food residue on your face, which of course appeals to your dog."

When your dog goes bonkers on your feet. 

You may notice that the moment you come after taking a shower, the dog rushes towards you and starts licking your feet because it finds the water on your feet more interesting than its impersonal water dish.Also, the dogs find the odour of sweaty feet (say when you come back home after a long day) more appealing and like the saltiness of your skin. So when you're hot and sweaty, you may expect your dog to lick you even more.

Dog licking your hands. 

The same reason applies here as they do for feet. Your lovable dogs lick your hands because they love you and when you think of it, you fed them, pet them and bathe them with those loving hands, so it's just a gesture of love.

Why do dogs lick air? 

According to the doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) Jessica Potosky, of Sanford Animal Hospital in North Carolina, “Dogs have an extra sensory organ in their mouths that gives them a better sense of smell. It’s a little like what snakes have, only not as well developed as a snake’s sense of the air.”This is rare among dogs, but if your dog is doing it, he’s probably trying to figure out more about something he can’t quite recognise or that he’s interested in.

Dogs licking couch constantly! 

This is because your dog needs more stimulation and he is bored and licks an object constantly for something to do or for comfort like a baby sucks a pacifier.

Dogs licking their paws. 

Dogs have as such no reason to lick their paws unless they are suffering from any allergy or infection. It’s a good idea to take your dog to your vet to find out the reason.

Dogs licking their butts. 

Many dog owners keep pondering why do dogs often lick their private parts. This may be because they want to clean themselves after going for excreting outside, or it could be a red flag that your dog needs medical attention. It is also possible that they have a urinary tract infection. It is better to knock the door of a vet.

Why do dogs lick each other? 

Just like humans shake hands and hug, dogs lick each other as a social grooming act.

Why dogs give kisses at private places of their owners?

Well, the reason can be the smell that might attract a dog making him show its likeness in form of a lick. It can also be the way you're holding your dog. For ex. if you're keeping it on your chest as shown in the image above, the dog is left with no other option.