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Freaky People From The Past Who'll Make You Thank God You Didn't Live In That Era

We all know that modern medicine is extremely powerful, at least in comparison to that just a few decades ago. The rate of improvement in the field of medicine in recent times has been quite high, and it's only because of the rise in technology and effective medicine that our lives today are so easy and safe. But that wasn't always the case, was it? In the past, when medicine wasn't as advanced and effective as it is today, people who suffered from diseases and physical deformities had no way to fix their bodies up, and that led them to become, and stay as, 'freaks.' Many of these 'freaks' would often be taken up by circuses to be displayed to people in exhibitions, and that is enough to tell us how tough their life used to be. And here are a few photos of such people. Check it out.

1. Isaac W. Sprague - The Living Skeleton

Starting when he was aged 12 years, Isaac started dropping weight rapidly. When he died, he had already reached a weight of forty-three kilos (very low for his height).

2. The Murderous Lobster Boy

This boy was born with all his fingers and toes fused together with each other. He grew up to be an alcoholic, who even shot his daughter's husband at their wedding ceremony!

3. The Bottom Twin

Born at a time when surgeries weren't very advanced, the Bottom Twins became one of the most popular 'circus freaks.'

4. The Four-Legged Girl

The two smaller legs that she was born with actually belonged to her twin sister who never quite separated from her body while they were in the womb.

5. Ella Harper - The Camel Girl

Because of a rare orthopedic condition that she suffered from, Ella's knees would turn backward.Source

6. The woman with the monster feet

The woman with the giant monster feet probably suffered from an extreme case of edema.

7. The Cleft-handed family

Clearly, this was a case of bad genetic inheritence.

8. Alice Elizabeth Doherty - Too Hairy

The only known person born in the US with the exceedingly rare condition hypertrichosis lanuginosa or “dog-faced” hypertrichosis.

9. The Salon SIsters

Ella & Elvira, conjoined twin real picture postcard (c. 1880s)

10. Real creep!

I'm already very scared.

11. Is he an alien?

Or he seems to be a mummy or an immortal person.

12. That same Dog Man


13. Schlitzie

He was born microcephalus, a medical condition characterized by an abnormally small and often pointed cranium. The condition often resulted in retardation, and Schlitzie himself had the mind of a 4-year-old.