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15 Texts from People with a Perfect Sense of Humor

Ever since the Internet started to spread laughter through memes and funny accidents around the world, the hilarious text compilations have done their best in making us laugh. Many times people share their texts when either they've fallen victim to auto-correct, have sent a wrong text to a wrong person or maybe caught red-handed while cheating on their lovers. We can see how witty and funny people can be at their comebacks.If you're someone who finds it difficult to come up with snappy answers to questions that are put forward by irritable souls. Look no further, because these masters of humor will show you exactly how to do it. Here is a collection of true text conversations filled with humor and irony. Enjoy!

Asking the real questions!

Truer words have never been spoken.

This mom is savage AF!

How lonely must have that guy been, who's being roasted by his Mom?

Do you get a good night's sleep?

The guy has a point, though!

Totally loved this one!

The best way to send the creeps away.

I guess he'll be home in about an hour!

Unlike her, I think it's funny.

How high are you?

I need to know what he's smoking.

Niagara Falls of blood!

Poor guy is trying to be sooo cautious here.

Trying to place the guilt.

Though, it's still unclear if he really did or didn't.

So helpful, Adam!

This is what happens when generosity meets stupidity.

Yes, please use question marks... OK?

Looks like the wife has a broken sarcastic laugh.

Ruining the story plots.

Damn, they should've put up a spoiler warning there. 

Wow, this answer is adorable!

Hannah sure cares a lot for the letters.

You had one chance, Ken...

...And you nailed at it!