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10 Things Every Girl Should Put On Her List

There are times in the life of a girl when she feels low about her own existence. Why? Because this world is still not ready to see the talents and capabilities of a girl. A girl has the power to stand in the storms, to fight with the ships and to mend a path from the mountains. Yes, a girl should feel proud for being the most powerful character in the play of this biased universe.Well, what I figure out here is, there is seriously not even a single thing which girls can't do. Whether it be changing the tyre of the car or running an enterprise, girls can do justice with every role. But, you know what? Many girls destroy their lives just because of temporary problems and issues.Here are the things a girl must prefer in her life.

Always put BOOKS over boys.

Dear girls, not even a single guy in this world is smart enough to keep you away from the books. Don't waste your time on cute boys, rather just pick a book and fall in love with the alluring smell of its pages.

Travel the world.

Why sit at home and think about random stuff? Pack your bags and go out to explore the world. Yes, traveling will give you the opportunity to peek out through the window of dreams. Give the touch of sunshine to your soul and feel the happiness of a new kingdom.

Be your own hero.

Why need a Superman, when you can be your Hero? Trust me; you don't need a person to protect you and save you from the monsters. You have got the perfect skill set to stand on your own feet. Just smash the stereotypes of this world and be a dangerous woman.

Allow people to call you intelligent and brave instead of pretty.

Every person should apologize to every girl whom they ever called beautiful instead of brave and intelligent. A girl is much more than being just beautiful. To all the brave girls out there, a big shout to you and your bravery. 

Appreciate heartbreaks.

Ah! It is so sad to tolerate any heartbreak. But you know a heartbreak makes you stronger with time. You are always allowed to take the revenge for your heartbreak. So, be bold and find out the ways to kick someone's ass out.

Allow yourself to cry.

Allow yourself to cry with a pillow at night, and I assure you that you will wake up like a Ninja next morning. You cannot laugh with your open heart if you don't cry loudly. Don't think about this world, just do what you feel is right for you.

Love adventures.

Be a loving adventure girl and always try new things to pamper your adventurous soul. A new adventure will show you a new pathway to your dreamland.

Make good friends.

There must always be a few people who can feel familiar with the animal inside you. Yes, you should make good friends, and they will be one of the greatest sources of happiness in your life. 

Have a dream.

You must have a dream in your life. This goal will give you the strength to fight against the odds. No matter how much you suffer, this idea will give you all the happiness of this world.