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An Open Letter to Oprah Winfrey: Happy Birthday to the Most Dignified Woman on the Earth

Dear Oprah,While rest of your fans and well-wishers are wishing you 'Happy Birthday,' I am here, turning the pages of your life once again on the web.I wonder how you would feel looking back at your life from 63. Do you ever wonder that you've done much more than a person can do in 63 years of life? Do you ever wonder that you've achieved much more than a person can achieve in 63 years of their life? Did you ever think those precious words "Turn your wounds into wisdom" would fix thousands of broken hearts and trigger in them the zeal of making life worth living? Did you ever imagine, "You can have it all - You just can't have it all at once" these million dollar words would give rays of hope to thousands of souls who had given up in their life?

Counting your uncountable achievements feels like as if I am recalling my own.

Oprah, I have read you on the web pages, I have watched you on television, and like every other woman around the globe, I have always been immensely inspired by the 'woman spirit' you have. Praising you with some adjectives would look silly here, but... I am helpless.

"Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure."

Oprah, this quote has always been my favorite, always. Life tortured you at its worst in your childhood days. You were born in extreme poverty; you encountered physical abuse at the mere age of 9, you were pregnant at just 14, you had to lose your child right after its birth...But you didn't give up... You let everything go and turned your wounds into wisdom. You gathered courage and power out of all griefs. We know the journey to one of the most influential women on the earth was not at all easy, but not impossible as well. Thank you for inspiring me to fight against all the odds every single day. A big salute to you on behalf of the entire women around the world. Happy Birthday, Oprah, live long, for eternity!